Kevin Durant Trade Unlikely As Of Now

Kevin Durant made headlines last month when he requested a trade from the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets have been looking for a trade partner ever since. The problem though is that so far no one has been willing to meet the asking price. "Brooklyn simply doesn't have a deal out there that's good enough to […] READ MORE

DeAndre Ayton Signs Contract With the Indiana Pacers


Deandre Ayton has signed a 4-year deal worth $133 million with the Indiana Pacers. The Phoenix Suns will have 48 hours to match. If not, this contract guarantees that Ayton will play in Indiana until the conclusion of the 2025/26 season. Deandre Ayton Signs with the Indiana Pacers The contract that Ayton has signed with […] READ MORE

Brooklyn Nets: How to Fix the Roster


The Brooklyn Nets are in complete disarray. They looked like the clear NBA championship favorites a year ago with a healthy trio of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden. Durant wasn’t always on the court due to injury recovery, Irving dealt with personal issues that saw him off the court as well, and Harden was traded […] READ MORE

Deandre Ayton Sign-And-Trade Scenarios


Deandre Ayton sign-and-trade ideas are sprouting left and right as the player’s divorce from the Phoenix Suns looks imminent. Ayton will be a restricted free agent, however, which gives the Suns a right to match any offer he gets. With that being said, there have been numerous reports surrounding shared discontent between Ayton and the Suns. […] READ MORE

Jerami Grant Trade Grade

Jerami Grant has been a player that has been on the trade block ever since he signed with Detroit. He’s shown that he can play as a quality role player in Denver and Oklahoma City as well as a number one option in Detroit. Detroit finally looked to move on from him in the final […] READ MORE

2022 NBA Draft: Three Intriguing Trades


The 2022 NBA Draft is rife with top prospects, meaning there will be an endless possibility for trades. Teams will look to move up, down, or trade picks for proven stars. Here are three intriguing trade ideas. Three Possible 2022 NBA Draft Trades Charlotte Moves for a Center Charlotte Hornets receive Myles Turner and Duane […] READ MORE

Phoenix Suns: Two Trades to Consider


After the Phoenix Suns flailed out of the playoffs at the hands of the Dallas Mavericks a few weeks ago, it’s time to consider trades for the team. Phoenix was excellent throughout the entire regular season but looked flustered versus Dallas at many times. Adding into this is now the uncertain future surrounding Deandre Ayton. […] READ MORE

Top Five NBA Free Agents this Off-season


The NBA will have its fill of free agents this offseason. Among the candidates for free agency, the top five NBA free agents this off-season drew attention. Though more free agents are on the list, the top five sows more intrigue among others. Top Five NBA Free Agents this Offseason Talent and improvement can attract […] READ MORE

Potential Deandre Ayton Landing Spots


It’s safe to say that things aren’t going well in Phoenix after the Suns collapsed against the Dallas Mavericks in game seven of the Western Conference semi-finals. Phoenix enjoyed a phenomenal regular season but is now out of the running in an embarrassing fashion. Star center Deandre Ayton is an impending free agent, and landing […] READ MORE

Dallas Mavericks Triumph vs. Phoenix Suns


In a tense seven-game series, the fourth-seed Dallas Mavericks ousted the first-seed Phoenix Suns in the Western Conference semi-finals. It was tense until game seven, at least, where the Mavericks showed clear dominance. Luka Doncic was firing on all cylinders and received plenty of help from vital teammates such as Jalen Brunson. Dallas advances to the Western Conference […] READ MORE