Ivy League Cancels Conference Tournament Due to Coronavirus


Championship week is underway. For mid-major conferences like the Ivy League, it is a chance to determine which school will represent the conference in the NCAA Tournament. Essentially, conference tournaments like the Ivy League are the be-all-end-all for teams. Ivy League Cancels Conference Tournament Due to Coronavirus¬† With the decision to cancel the conference tournament, […] READ MORE

Conference Tournament Cheat Sheet


This week begins major conference tournament play. At the end of this week, the field of 68 will be determined and brackets will be filled out. Other than the first week in April, this is the biggest week of the season for many teams. Here is a cheat sheet for major conference tournaments, as well […] READ MORE

LWOS Bracketology 6.0

LWOS Bracketology 6.0 is here. This week, several mid-major conferences started their conference tournaments. The rest of the conferences will wrap up conference play this week and will begin tournament play next week. Over the last week, plenty of good teams have lost and the bubble is shrinking already. Here is Bracketology 6.0. LWOS Bracketology […] READ MORE