Mid-Major 2020-21 Takeaways: Week 13


The month of February is winding down. March is just around the corner. In the mid-major basketball world, that means conference tournaments are approaching. In fact, the Horizon League sets everything into motion with the first round of its tournament this Thursday, February 25th. Meanwhile, plenty of other mid-major leagues have one or two weeks […] READ MORE

Mid-Major 2020-21 Takeaways: Week 12


Valentine’s Day is a special day for love across the world. Family and friends express their love for one another with gifts and special days. This year, Valentine’s Day also serves as the one month mark from Selection Sunday. Love is in the air, not just for each other, but for the bubble race in […] READ MORE

Mid-Major 2020-21 Takeaways: Week Eleven

For all intents and purposes, this has been a crazy season so far. A number of historically dominant programs are struggling. Furthermore, seeing numerous top 25 upsets every week is becoming commonplace. The better teams at the mid-major level have not been spared either. Teams that many felt could be sleepers in March are taking […] READ MORE

Mid-Major 2020-21 Takeaways: Week Ten

Trying to go undefeated during the course of a college basketball season is tough. It’s much tougher than doing so in college football. Gonzaga and Baylor may be making it look easy so far, but the remaining undefeated teams heading into the week were at the mid-major level. However, that number has shrunk from five […] READ MORE

Mid-Major 2020-21 Takeaways: Week Nine


One of the best things about college basketball is the surprise teams that emerge. That’s where a lot of the excitement that March Madness brings comes from. Fans want to know who will be the surprise team that upsets a top seed in the first round, or makes a run to the second weekend. However, […] READ MORE

Mid-Major 2020-21 Takeaways: Week Eight


The middle of January is a critical time for mid-major teams. Most teams have a decent number of conference games under their belts. Debates begin on which teams are contenders and which are pretenders. Whispers of running through league play unscathed also begin amongst fans. The reality is, that as the season creeps closer to […] READ MORE

LWOS 2020-21 College Basketball Bracketology 2.0


Two weeks may not seem like a long time. However, during the college basketball season, that can feel like an eternity. Teams roughly play four games in that span, and those outcomes can drastically affect placement in bracket projections. That’s certainly the case in our latest edition of college basketball bracketology. This trend may continue […] READ MORE

Mid-Major 2020-21 Takeaways: Week Seven


There is always excitement when conference play arrives in mid-major leagues. Regardless of what happened in November and December, the real push for an NCAA Tournament berth starts in league play. This is where surprise teams start to make themselves known. This is also where losing games that teams shouldn’t be the difference in seeding […] READ MORE