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Summer League: Top Pacific Division Rookies And Sophomores

Dalton Knecht is one of the top players to watch at the NBA's Summer League.

With the NBA2k25 Summer League tipping off in Las Vegas this weekend it’s an exciting time to see rookies and developing young players in action. Here are the top rookies and sophomores from each of the Pacific Division teams and what to expect from each of them at Summer League.

Summer League: Top Pacific Division Rookies And Sophomores

Team: Los Angeles Lakers

Rookie: Dalton Knecht

Among the two players drafted by the Lakers on draft night, Dalton Knecht is by far more impressive and thus the one to watch. Fans should expect to see Knecht’s ability to score the basketball, especially from deep. Despite disappointing performances in the California Classic, Knecht has shown he can get to his spots and be a threat. It is also important to note that many of the troubles that Knecht experienced looked more like jitters than anything else. His form still looks as good as ever and it would be no surprise if Knecht lights up Summer League.

Additionally, given his status as an older prospect, Knecht must show that he looks like an NBA-ready player deserving of minutes in the main rotation. Though, Knecht has shown resilience in his college career. There is no doubt that Knecht will show that same resilience against high expectations.

Sophomore: Maxwell Lewis

As for the Lakers’ second-year players, Maxwell Lewis is the most important one to watch. He mainly played in the G-League this past season, with little opportunity to play with the parent team. The expectations for Lewis will be the appearance of general improvement of his overall game; specifically, in his jumper and defense. Lewis needs to show that improvements were made in these areas, as he will most likely see minutes as a three-and-D wing. Lewis had a productive season, developing in the G-League. He had a good showing in the first California Classic game as well, which is encouraging. Much like Knecht, the hope is that Lewis looks too good to play in Summer League. Fans should expect that Lewis plays like he is ready for NBA minutes.

Team: Los Angeles Clippers

Rookie: Cameron Christie

Cameron Christie is the top rookie to look out for on the Clippers’ Summer League team. As someone who made a name for themselves as a talented shooter in college, fans should expect to see Christie knocking down shots from deep. Christie shot around 39% from three in Minnesota and the expectation is that he can translate his shooting over to the NBA. His shooting numbers and form look good, which are indicators that Christie can continue his good shooting in the NBA. Additionally, Christie has shown himself to be more than a stationary shooter. Fans should see Christie used as a movement shooter in some way. Ultimately, fans should see Christie’s upside as a shooter and the translation of his shot to the NBA.

Sophomore: Kobe Brown

Kobe Brown did not play much at all for the Clippers this past season. Despite that, Brown has had an excellent season in the G-League, where he was productive and efficient. The expectation for Brown is that he continues his production at Summer League. In doing so, he will be one more step closer to receiving rotation minutes with the Clippers. In the wake of Paul George‘s departure from L.A. to Philadelphia, Brown may have the chance to see minutes next season. He needs to show that he can continue to knock down threes and improve on defense.

Team: Golden State Warriors

Rookie: Reece Beekman

The most intriguing rookie on the roster for the Warriors is Reece Beekman. Despite going undrafted, Beekman is an impressive prospect who is a talented defender and playmaker. Fans should expect Beekman to fully showcase his ability to guard at the point of attack and to set the table for others without turning the ball over. While Beekman may not play much next season, if he can demonstrate that he looks like he is ready for the NBA, it could go a long way for Beekman to see minutes.

Sophomore: Brandin Podziemski

Brandin Podziemski is the player to watch for on the Warriors, as he had an extremely accomplished rookie season in Golden State. The expectations for Podziemski are that he shows that he has improved his overall game and that he remains healthy. He has shown that he is good at many different things on the court, but he still has room to grow. Fans should expect that Podziemski has further improved his overall game and that he is ready to reach another level.

Team: Sacramento Kings

Rookie: Isaiah Crawford

Among the rookies for the Sacramento Kings, the one to watch for is Isaiah Crawford. Especially with lottery pick Devin Carter being ruled out for Summer League. As an older rookie, It is expected that Crawford will display much more refinement in his basketball skills, especially on defense. Fans should expect to see a player who will give maximum effort on defense and be an excellent defender on the wings. Additionally, Crawford is a good shooter and fans will get to see that in action at Summer League. The expectation for Crawford is that he demonstrates that he can contribute right away to the main team by showing he is too good for Summer League. The Kings got a steal in Crawford and fans should be excited to see Crawford prove himself.

Sophomore: Colby Jones

Colby Jones did not get to play much for the Kings this past season. However, he has been productive in the G-League and now has the chance to showcase his play during Summer League. The obvious expectation for Jones is to show that he, like many others, is too good for Summer League. That he is ready to take another leap as a player and that he deserves to be in the rotation. Skills-wise, an aspect that fans should expect improvement in from Jones is his shooting. It trended the right way in the G-League and the hope is that he can continue improving from range.

Team: Phoenix Suns

Rookie: Ryan Dunn

Ryan Dunn had impressed many for his incredible defensive capabilities and fans should expect to see those abilities in action. Dunn has shown the ability to lock down anyone on defense and there is no indication that his defense will waver. He is also extremely athletic, and that will be on full display as well. Dunn’s defense is most definitely at an NBA level, however, his offense is not. The most important expectation placed on Dunn is that he can be an NBA player in other ways. While he doesn’t need to be a great shooter from day one, it would be encouraging to see that he can do other things on the court. Regardless, fans should expect a defensive monster at Summer League.

Sophomore: N/A


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