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What Impact Will Miami Heat’s Olympic Center Have In Paris?

Bam Adebayo is playing in the Olympics.

Miami Heat Olympic center Bam Adebayo is preparing to do his part in winning Team USA’s second consecutive gold medal, but will he play much? Or will his projected roster spot keep him from big-game moments?

What Impact Will Bam Adebayo Have In The Paris Olympics?

Adebayo Seeks To Make It Two Gold’s In A Row

Miami Heat’s now two-time USA Olympic center Bam Adebayo is fresh off signing a three-year extension with the Heat. He now has his sights set and focuses elsewhere. Team USA is in Las Vegas preparing for the summer Olympic games in Paris. These summer games aren’t Adebayo’s first Olympic trip, as he was on the team that captured gold in the 2020 (played in 2021 due to Covid-19) Tokyo Olympics. Now heading to Paris for the 2024 Olympics, Bam hopes to repeat that success and return to Miami with a second gold medal.

Team USA’s Center Rotation Position

It’s unclear what Adebayo’s impact will be on the roster in Paris as he is projected to be slotted behind the squad’s other centers, Joel Embiid and Anthony Davis. Despite Adebayo’s excellent 2023-24 regular season and First All-Defensive Team selection, the competition among these big men is fierce. Adebayo will probably find himself third on the center depth chart.

Team USA head coach Steve Kerr knows that on a team composed of superstars and future Hall of Farmers, there are still only five starting slots. Considering the center position, Adebayo will be coming off the bench, an element he is not used to.

2020 In Tokyo

Adebayo has been the Miami Heat’s premier and number-one center since his NBA inception. As the premier center on the 2020 men’s Olympic squad, Adebayo’s playing time and impact weren’t threatened, as only JaVale McGee held the other center spot on the team. Bam averaged 6.3 points and 5.7 rebounds in Tokyo, playing 19 minutes a game.

2024 In Paris

Adebayo’s minutes will surely decrease substantially with Embiid and Davis on this summer’s team. Obviously, this will also affect his offensive production, barring any injuries to Embiid or Davis. Adebayo’s impact from a reserve role can still hold value to the team. His relationship with USA assistant coach and Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra can be advantageous. When Adebayo does see the floor, Spo is the one coach who knows how to play Bam the best and use him in the most effective ways. Coach Kerr can lean on his assistants, who have their own NBA players on the team.

Bam Using Olympic Practices To Improve His Game

The Miami Heat big man has reportedly been working on his three-point game during Olympic team practices in Vegas. Adebayo has never included long-distance shooting as a skill set. However, he did up his attempts toward the end of last season. Whether he tries to incorporate some arc shooting in the Olympics or whether he is just trying to become a better three-point shooter for the 2024-25 NBA season, we’ll find out.

Nevertheless, these summer games are an opportunity for Bam to elevate his status as an NBA center to another level. If all goes well for Team USA, he will have another gold draped around his neck.


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