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Tobias Harris’ Free Agent Signing: Impact On The Pistons Explored

The Pistons recently signed Tobias Harris.

The 2024 NBA free agency has kicked off, and the Detroit Pistons are making bold moves to reshape their future. They’ve hired head coach J.B. Bickerstaff, extended the contract of rising star Cade Cunningham, and signed veteran forward Tobias Harris. Harris joins the Pistons on a two-year, $52 million contract after averaging 17.6 points, 6.6 rebounds, and 3.1 assists with the Philadelphia 76ers over six seasons. As the team’s most experienced player, along with Tim Hardaway Jr., Harris brings a wealth of NBA knowledge and leadership.

The return of Harris to Detroit has ignited a spirited debate. Critics question the high salary he commands, while supporters argue that his experience and skill set make him a valuable addition to the Pistons’ starting lineup. Harris played 157 games with the Pistons from 2016 to 2018 before moving on to the L.A. Clippers.

As an older and wiser player who contributed significantly to the 76ers’ regular-season success, Harris could be instrumental in guiding Detroit’s young roster. But is he the missing piece the Pistons need to become a play-in contender? Let’s explore his potential impact and what it means for the team’s future.

Tobias Harris’ Free Agent Signing: Impact On The Pistons Explored

Tobias Harris Brings Veteran Leadership To The Pistons

Despite their recent veteran additions, the Pistons remain a predominantly young team. With his wealth of experience and leadership, Harris brings a much-needed guiding hand to the locker room, both on and off the court. He fills a gap left since Blake Griffin’s departure; his shooting, strong rim attacks, and solid ball-handling add a new dimension to the Pistons’ offense.

Harris was a key scorer in Philadelphia, often tasked with carrying some offensive load during the regular season. However, his playoff performances have been mixed. While he averaged 16.4 points, 8.1 rebounds, and 2.9 assists on 47/35/85 shooting splits in the playoffs with the Sixers, there were moments when he didn’t elevate his game to the next level. His consistent regular-season contributions and high-pressure experience provide valuable stability and mentorship to Detroit’s young roster.

Tobias Harris Has The Play Style The Pistons Need

Going into the summer, the Pistons needed a power forward who could create offense. Isaiah Stewart has been making strides in his offensive game, shooting a career-high 38% from three and becoming one of the team’s more reliable shooters from beyond the arc. His game frequently hinges on guards penetrating the defense and passing out to him for the open shot.

Harris adds a different dimension to the Pistons’ play style. He is a capable shooter and excels at grabbing rebounds and pushing the fast break. His size and speed allow him to exploit mismatches against more prominent defenders, making him a versatile threat in both half-court and transition play. Harris’s shot creation and facilitation are invaluable, complementing Stewart’s growth and enhancing the Pistons’ offensive strategy.

The Last Word

While his contract has sparked debate, many see Harris’ return to the Pistons as a positive step. His ability to consistently perform during the regular season and his playoff experience can offer the Pistons stability and mentorship. Harris’s shooting and fast-break skills add a crucial dimension to the team’s play style, complementing Isaiah Stewart’s development.

Ultimately, Harris could unlock the Pistons’ potential, transitioning them from rebuilding to a competitive force in the league. Harris’s impact will shape the Pistons’ future, though it remains uncertain whether he will propel them to the play-in tournament.


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