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Reserved Miami Heat Free Agency Makes Little Noise So Far

The Heat haven't made any major moves in free agency.

The Miami Heat free agency activity has been quiet and uneventful with notable free agents flying off the board and some returning Heat players. Miami’s free agency maneuverings have so far made little commotion in the midst of an NBA free agency brimming with several All-Stars. The Heat were primed and speculated across the league to make a major move, or at the very least, a significant move. However, nothing has materialized yet.

Reserved Miami Heat Free Agency Makes Little Noise So Far

Is Miami Missing On Free Agency?

Marquee players such as Donovan Mitchell returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers after being tied to Miami for some time. Other productive role players have come and gone off the free agency board, either signing with new teams or re-upping with their current ones. So, it begs the question, what is Miami up to? Cue ESPN analyst Brian Windhorst, perhaps?

Miami’s Signings Have Been Shhhh…

Since free agency began earlier this week, Miami had free agents of their own that required decisions, plus a new addition. Here are their more notable signings:

Kevin Love

Reacquiring veteran Kevin Love’s services might be the Heat’s most important decision, aside from extending Bam Adebayo. Love declined his $4.03 million player option and is back on a two-year deal worth over $8 million. Love has been integral to Miami’s roster since arriving. His veteran presence and championship experience seem to be highly valued by Pat Riley and the Heat organization. Not the player he was playing in Cleveland alongside Lebron James and Kyrie Irving, Love still produces with a high basketball IQ. Erik Spoelstra trusts him as a beacon of leadership in the locker room.

Thomas Bryant

Thomas Bryant’s time with the Heat hasn’t exactly been what he hoped for. Bryant had a productive stint backing up Anthony Davis in Los Angeles. Having also spent with the Washington Wizards and Denver Nuggets, Bryant eventually found himself in Miami. His playing time and rotation presence decreased significantly in the Heat. Bryant opted out of his player option and is back in Miami on the veteran’s minimum, earning less than $2.8 million for one year. Only time will tell whether Bryant sees much action next season.

Alec Burks

Although not a splashy signing, this one may still reap value. Alec Burks is coming off several outstanding playoff games with the New York Knicks. Coming off the bench, Burks was entrusted to shoot the ball and shoot the ball he did. Miami needs shooters, and Burks has the potential to provide shooting. Last season, he averaged 37.6 percent from three and 10.4 points per game. He poured in 17.8 points in the playoff games for the Knicks. Signing on a one-year deal, Burks hopes to avoid injuries and give the Heat what they need as a 3-and-D option.

Miami Still Has Time To Make A Major Move

Miami’s free agency window is certainly not closed, although Miami fans have reason to be anxious. The fruit is falling off the free agency board quicker by the day. Miami has just not done enough to improve its roster significantly. Here’s hoping that Pat Riley still has some magic left in his hat and moves to have the Heat back in the contender column next year.


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