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Ongoing Miami Heat Trade Chatter Circles Around Two More Stars

The Miami Heat have been linked to DeMar DeRozan.

The Miami Heat trade chatter is ongoing as the offseason and the over-shadowed presence of daily trade rumors is in full swing. Trade talks are casting a looming shadow over the Miami Heat just days after NBA free agency open its floodgates. The Heat are expected to make moves this summer as the organization seeks to build on its roster.

With Bam Adebayo locked up and Jimmy Butler going into his final year without an extension, Miami is seemingly kicking the tires on a few key players. So far, the offseason has been relatively quiet for the Heat. Apart from Kevin Love’s new two-year deal, bringing back Thomas Bryant on a cheap contract, and signing Alec Burks, there hasn’t been much action otherwise. Chicago’s DeMar DeRozan and Brandon Ingram, who has spent the last four seasons with the Pelicans, have recently been linked to the Heat.

Ongoing Miami Heat Trade Chatter Circles Around Two More Stars

DeMar DeRozan

DeRozan is clearly the best one among the top remaining free agents. It is almost a foregone conclusion that the six-time All-Star has played his last season as a Bull. If the Heat are intent on pursuing DeRozan, it will most likely happen via a sign-and-trade scenario due to Miami’s current cap situation.

Considering Miami’s lack of cap room, and they are over the first tax apron, chasing after DeRozan may prove unrealistic. That is unless Pat Riley can perform some mastery with numbers and phone calls. If Miami were to succeed in landing DeRozan, that would certainly complete the team’s need for further offense.

Brandon Ingram

Although not as loudly as DeRozan, Ingram is now also a subject of Miami trade chatter. Miami should immediately entertain a move to land Ingram. It’s only been a few days since trade rumors around Ingram became apparent. According to NBA reporter Marc Stein, league sources say the New Orleans Pelicans are indeed considering an Ingram trade as extension conversations between the two parties are not progressing.

“Attempts in New Orleans to trade Brandon Ingram have intensified in recent days, league sources say,” Stein wrote.

Adding Ingram would bolster Miami’s offense. It would also provide the Heat with another star to hoop alongside Adebayo and Butler.

A Miami Trade Would Probably See Tyler Herro Gone

Any Miami Heat trade involving an All-Star caliber player will almost certainly involve Tyler Herro. A good player and one of, if not Miami’s, best three-point shooter, Herro is no stranger to trade talks. However, in exchange for a player of Ingram or DeRozan’s talent and abilities, Herro would be a sound trade-off. Given what the Heat need to be better next year and contend deep into the postseason, offensive skill and productivity is a valuable commodity Miami must seek out.

If trading for a star pans out, Miami Heat fans would welcome a DeMar DeRozan or Brandon Ingram addition. A move including either player would also increase Miami’s contention in the East, possibly leading them to contend for a higher seed come playoff time.


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