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Warriors’ Buddy Hield Picked New Team Over Division Rival

Golden State Warriors guard Buddy Hield

Golden State Warriors guard Buddy Hield could’ve chosen to be traded to another team. The Philadelphia 76ers only required a single second-round pick to assist in the transaction, an inexpensive tab. Yet, “Hield chose the Warriors because of the opportunity to win over other interested suitors, including the Detroit Pistons and Los Angeles Lakers,” per The Athletic staff.

Warriors’ Buddy Hield Picked New Team Over Lakers

Hield’s decision not to sign with the Pistons likely comes down him being unlikely to be a part of their future. After all, the Bahamian bomber wanted to sign a contract extension with the Indiana Pacers. However, they didn’t see him as a part of their core, subsequently trading him. Upon landing in Philadelphia 76ers, Hield positively blushed when discussing how he felt desired by the Sixers.

So, while his skills would’ve proven to be a useful tool for Detroit’s clustered offense, it may not have been for long. To that point, the Pistons recently signed his former teammate Tobias Harris, a 13-year veteran. However, Harris only signed a two-year deal. Hield could have gotten a similar offer.

In that time, he’d have a chance to boost his value around the league. Yet, he’d fail to find stability in Detroit.

It’s Nothing Personal

The Lakers are having a tough time attracting free agents.

Whether it’s because they can’t afford another star or that player simply wants to play somewhere else, they just haven’t jumped to sign with Los Angeles. As a result, they’re largely bringing back the same team from last season. Rookies Dalton Knecht and Bronny James are replacing Taurean Prince and Cam Reddish on the roster, but that’s not enough to appease LeBron James.

Hield might’ve been out of the Lakers’ price range. LeBron agreeing to a max contract took away their $12.9 million non-taxpayers mid-level exception, so he would’ve had to take a bargain to play in L.A. if they signed him outright. Yet, the Lakers should’ve had the option to complete a sign-and-trade, like Philly. This makes it more likely that Hield simply chose the Warriors over them.

This could be perceived as a slight. After all, Los Angeles believes they can still win a championship with LeBron. Yet, Hield believes Stephen Curry and Co. have a better chance. Nonetheless, Hield is also as close to a perfect fit as Golden State will get as they plug the hole left by Klay Thompson.

As for being a part of their future? The length of Hield’s contract with the Warriors looks like it was more important than the annual salary. Per The Athletic, his “new contract will be a four-year deal with a starting salary of $8.7 million and a fourth-year player option.” With a deal that could carry him through the 2027-28 season, the 31-year-old can ride into the San Francisco sunset.


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