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NBA Finals: Mavericks Keys To Extending The Series

The Mavericks down 3-1 hope to extend the NBA Finals.

The Dallas Mavericks were finally able to get over the hump by beating the Boston Celtics on Friday night. As a result, of that victory, they got their first win of the 2024 NBA Finals. Now the series shifts back to Boston tonight. Dallas has another chance to ride the momentum and shock the Celtics on their home floor.

NBA Finals: Mavericks Keys To Extending The Series

Key One: Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving Have To Explode Again

It is hard to keep players like Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving down during a seven-game series. The Celtics have had an impressive defensive scheme throughout this matchup. However, Doncic and Irving were finally able to have an explosive night in Game 4. If the Mavericks want to win tonight, they will need to continue to create high-percentage opportunities for their teammates. In addition, they cannot settle for jump shots and must play aggressively by attacking the basket. Cashing in on those opportunities increased their confidence and got Boston’s defenders in foul trouble. As a result, that opened up the high-percentage shots for Dallas which they cashed in on.

Dallas will need to make sure they are communicating and taking advantage of spacing. Doncic and Irving put a lot of pressure on any opposing defense. They can make them pay by finding a wide-open teammate for an easy basket. If both players can explode again and combine for at least 50-70 points of the Mavericks’ final point total. They will be in great shape to win tonight and extend the series.

Key Two: Mavericks Must Make Their Three-pointers

Dallas has not been able to hit their three-pointers throughout this series. It has been the biggest difference-maker and every game in this matchup. However, Dallas finally found their rhythm from beyond the arc. As a result, Boston lost by the third-largest margin in finals history.

Additionally, Boston only made 34.1 percent of their three-pointers in Game 4 thanks to the Mavericks’ suffocating defense. If Dallas makes at least 40-48% from beyond the arc they will win tonight’s game. For that to happen more of their role players will need to make their shots. Despite it being more difficult for role players to play well on the road. Dallas’ role players will have to change that trend, and cash in on their three-point opportunities if they want to avoid elimination.

Key Three: Jayson Tatum Needs To Be Contained

Throughout the majority of this series, Jayson Tatum has not played like himself. He has played within the flow of the offense and has done an excellent job getting his teammates involved. However, if Dallas wants to beat the Celtics on their home floor. They have to keep Tatum in check during this contest tonight.

In addition, they need to continue holding him to scoring in the mid-20s. Superstars are made in the NBA Finals and Dallas has to continue to suffocate him and not let Tatum find an avenue to the basket. An aggressive Tatum is a top-four player in the league and an opposing team’s worst nightmare. If the Mavericks can continue to send timely double teams and get the ball out of his hands. They should be in great shape to win tonight. Preventing Tatum from playing like he did against the Philadelphia 76ers in Game 7 last year. He scored 51 points in that game and put the team on his back in that contest. If they can do enough to contain him and prevent that version of him from showing up. The Mavericks will win tonight and extend this series.


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