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Frenchman Reacts to Possibility of Being No. 1 Draft Pick

Atlanta Hawks owner Tony Ressler

At 6-foot-9, JL Bourg forward Zaccharie Risacher’s game is tailor made for the new NBA.

Indeed, an adept shot-creator and knockdown shooter with positional flexibility, he’s in the running to be selected first overall in the 2024 NBA Draft. As the draft edges closer and the surreal feeling melts into his days, he addressed that very possibility.

Zaccharie Risacher Reacts to Possibility of Being No. 1 Draft Pick

“I won’t be disappointed if I’m not number 1,” Risacher says, per BasketNews. “I’d be very happy if I could be, but my priority is to find a team that aims to develop me and build something serious where I can evolve.”

He reveals that he “honestly [doesn’t] have a preference,” the 19-year-old reveals as he explains what he’s looking for in an NBA team. “I want a club that wants to develop me as a player and integrate me into a team that has ambitions… I have the ambition to learn quickly and quickly help the team win.”

With the touch on his jumper, his lightning quick release and his defensive versatility alone, Risacher should make a great first impression. That being said, though European prospects are en vogue, his projection isn’t only based on recent trend. Long as he is quick, and skilled as he is confident, there’s a genuine belief in the Frenchman’s ability to excel at the NBA level.

If selected No. 1 by the Atlanta Hawks, he may be quick enough to start in the backcourt if necessary. If so, he’ll be a terrific off-ball shooter and provide length at the two that they haven’t had since Joe Johnson and Josh Childress were making plays. However, if he’s not able to do that, he’s more than athletic enough to slide to forward. In either scenario, his 3-point stroke enhances the offense. This, of course, makes him a particularly attractive option for Atlanta.

With two weeks to go before Day 1 of the 2024 NBA Draft, Risacher’s excitement is palpable.

“I don’t yet know concretely what to expect there, but it’s something I dreamed of, which will be exceptional and which I’m ready for. I have trained my whole life to achieve this dream. I don’t think I will be disappointed, and I don’t think I will disappoint.”

“I’m ready to take on this new challenge,” he exclaims .”

Competition At The Top

Risacher’s primary competition at No. 1 is Perth center Alexandre Sarr.

At 7-foot-1, his countryman is a gifted shot-blocker with great physical tools and guard skills. Indeed, Sarr offers the Hawks a true franchise center in a league where big men dominate. Not only are they stars, it’s worth noting that the last four regular season MVP awards have gone to centers.

Sarr’s a bit more raw than Risacher. Less like a baby giraffe trying to find its legs than a superhero still learning his powers. However, he has the higher ceiling.


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