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2024 NBA Draft: Should the Knicks Move Up?

The Knicks are considering moving up in the draft.

After a long, tough season, the New York Knicks head into one of their most important offseasons in recent memory. After a 2nd place finish in the Eastern Conference and winning 50 games, the Knicks flamed out in the 2nd round because they didn’t have enough personnel left. Their injury report heading into the offseason consisted of their 3 best players (Jalen Brunson, Julius Randle, and OG Anunoby), one-half of their center rotation (Mitchell Robinson), a skilled sharp-shooting veteran (Bojan Bogdanovic), and one of the best rebounders in the league (Josh Hart).

They have a superstar in Jalen Brunson, a star in Julius Randle, and a skilled group of role players that perfectly complement them. This team is ready to contend now, and their offseason moves should reflect that statement. Their biggest priority in the offseason should be resigning OG Anunoby and Isaiah Hartenstein. Getting both backs is a tall task, especially considering multiple teams are interested in outbidding the Knicks. Because the Knicks do not have the cap space to make flashy moves, most of their acquisitions will either be on cheap contracts, or through trades. But, an overlooked option that they could exploit is this upcoming draft.

2024 NBA Draft: Should the Knicks Move Up?

Status of the 2024 NBA Draft

Numerous executives and analysts have termed the 2024 NBA draft one of the worst in recent memory. Unlike in previous years, there is no clear-cut number-one pick, and even the top prospects have struggled during their college seasons, failing to distinguish themselves as standout players. The uncertainty is reflected in the various mock drafts, with each site showing a different order for the lottery. This lack of consensus shows just how uncertain the draft order is.

None of the players in this draft class are considered franchise-altering talents, and the prospect of finding a future superstar or even a solid star seems bleak. Scouts are skeptical about the potential of these players, viewing the class as deep in role players but lacking true number one or number two options for contending teams. This widespread uncertainty and the absence of elite talent underscore the overall disappointment surrounding the 2024 draft. There are no blue-chip prospects that would have teams trading future first-round picks to move up. The 2024 class is deep, but it’s not deep with greatness.

Trading Up in the Draft

The Knicks need cheap role players who can come in and instantly impact the team. Whether it be offensively or defensively, the Knicks need to get deeper and younger. Mitchell Robinson has just played 90 regular-season games over the past two seasons. OG Anunoby (pending re-sign) has already dealt with multiple serious injuries. Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Burks aren’t getting any younger. This quartet plays a huge part in the Knicks’ rotation, and we need a plan B in case something goes wrong. So, why don’t the Knicks trade up?

NBA Executives don’t view this draft as loaded, and scouts agree. The Knicks could easily package their two picks this year and move up into the lottery. Projected late lottery picks include Kel’el WareDevin Carter, Zach Edey, and Dalton Knecht. Any one of these players could be an instant impact player on the Knicks, whether it be on offense or defense. Depending on their priorities, they could pivot between any of these players or ones that slide down.

There are teams around the league that are looking to compete and would love to have cheap players. Some teams have just started their rebuild, and are trying to accumulate all the picks they can get. In both these scenarios, trading down could make sense. Because there is no “star” in this draft, teams might prefer two solid role players compared to one above-average player.

Trade Packages

Sacramento Kings

Knicks two-first round picks for the No. 13 pick

Sacramento is desperate for cheap role players to replace Malik Monk if he leaves. They have the luxury of playing multiple rookies, partly because Harrison Barnes is old and they need depth.

Chicago Bulls

Knicks two-first round picks for the No. 11 pick

Even god doesn’t know what the Bulls are doing. They are trying to re-sign DeMar DeRozan, indicating that they want to be competitive. But, even if they are not, the Bulls have the space to let young rookies play heavy minutes and develop as players.

Memphis Grizzlies

Knicks two-first round picks for the No. 9 pick

This is the most optimistic package the Knicks could get. The Grizzlies are a very young team, and that helps the rookies to come in and grow alongside their stars. The Knicks might need to throw in more draft capital to incentivize the Grizzlies. Furthermore, they need more depth pieces due to the key departures last season.


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