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Multiple NBA Teams Expected to Pursue Elite Sharpshooter

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After spending half a season with the Philadelphia 76ers, impeding free agent Buddy Hield could find a new home this offseason. According to Evan Sidery of Forbes, many contenders are expected to show interest in the wing. Sidery specifically cites the Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns, and Minnesota Timberwolves as teams to keep an eye on.

“Buddy Hield is expected to receive strong interest from contenders in free agency. Hield’s elite three-point shooting fits a lot of places, and the price could be as low as the veteran’s minimum. The Bucks, Magic, Nuggets, Suns and Timberwolves are teams to monitor for Hield.”

However, it is important to note that Suns insider John Gambadoro said he does not think the team will pursue Hield.

“I guess it’s that time of year! Time to break out the Reaper for all the Suns fans – at least up until I leave for vacation on June 25th. No I do not expect the Suns to have any interest in Buddy Hield.”

Hield began the 2023-24 season with the Indiana Pacers. However, the Pacers traded him to the 76ers ahead of the 2024 NBA Trade Deadline. Hield appeared in 32 games for Philadelphia. In those games, he averaged 12.2 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 3 assists per game. Furthermore, he shot 42.6% from the field and 38.9% from beyond the arc. Although he was solid during the regular season, shield underperformed in the playoffs. Hield appeared in just four games and recorded just 5.5 points per game. However, he did shoot 46.2% from beyond the arc despite only averaging 3.3 three-point field goal attempts per game.

Multiple NBA Teams Expected to Pursue Elite Sharpshooter

Buddy Hield Wants to Return to the 76ers

Amidst Sidery’s report, it is important to note that Hield publicly stated returning to Philadelphia is “the priority” for him following their first-round playoff loss to the New York Knicks.

“They traded for me,” Hield said. “I feel like they wanted me, too. To me, I looked at it as I came to the party late. I think you guys understand what I’m saying. There was a lot of injuries. Before I was here, the team was rolling . … “Right now, Philly is the priority for me.”

However, although Hield would like to return, 76ers GM Daryl Morey may not feel the same way, who simply said Hield’s “fit was less good than I thought.

What Buddy Hield Brings to the Table

Throughout his career, Hield has established himself as a top three-point shooter in the league. From 2018 onwards, Hield has finished top-15 in three-point field goals made each season. This includes four consecutive seasons where he finished second. His elite shooting is what makes him so valuable for any contender around the league. In addition to the volume he shoots at, he is also efficient and reliable. Throughout his eight-year NBA career, Hield is a career 40% shooter from beyond the arc. He is not great at creating his own shot. However, depending on which team he ends up signing with, it may not be a problem anyway.


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