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Bronny James 2024 NBA Draft Profile

Bronny James is one of the most polarizing prospects in this year's draft.

Bronny James is one of the most discussed and controversial NBA draft prospects in class. While being Lebron James’ son certainly has its advantages, it’s just as certain to come with criticism.

Bronny James 2024 NBA Draft Profile

Early Career

James was a blue-chip recruit coming out of Sierra Canyon High School in California. He was ranked as the 20th overall prospect in the country according to the ESPN 100. James chose to stay in Los Angeles for college and play for USC. However, his college career didn’t begin smoothly. In late July during a team practice, James suffered cardiac arrest due to a congenital heart defect. It was a relief to hear afterward however that the condition was treatable, and James could expect a full recovery. Even still, James would go on to miss the first eight games of the season.

Once back on the court, James definitely struggled to find a rhythm on an overall struggling USC team. He ended up playing a total of 25 games averaging 19.4 minutes per game. James’ final stat line has certainly been a popular topic of discussion when looking at a prospective NBA draft prospect. He ended the season averaging 4.8 points, 2.1 assists, and 2.8 rebounds per game.


One of James’ less controversial strengths is his translatable athleticism. He posted a 40.5-inch vertical that was good for top six at the NBA combine. He also posted slightly above-average times in the shuttle run and lane agility drills, finishing both in the top 25. Outside of these numbers, all of James’ other strengths are considered to be ‘projected’ strengths, meaning they’re unproven. He posted the second-highest mark in the star shooting drill, making 19 of 25 threes. This is a very good performance, but admittedly, this drill’s true worth is a debated topic. His score combined with good athletic testing does help James’ case as a two-way role player at the NBA level though.

James’ buy-in into this role player-based projection is another undervalued strength as well. It’s well recorded that James’ said he would like to resemble NBA players Jrue Holiday, Derrick White, and Davion Mitchell. All three players have made their living by being excellent on defense and complimenting other stars on their respective rosters. James buying into the mindset of doing whatever he can to be a complimentary piece for an NBA team is definitely a positive. Lastly, his basketball IQ and feel for the game help this projection also. It’s only a small sample size, but he averaged 2.2 assists per game compared to only 1.1 turnovers.


While James hopes to become a solid role player similar to the names mentioned above, his current production is certainly a concern. Holiday, White, and Mitchell all showed much larger production coming out of their respective colleges on both offense and defense. Many people desire to become an ideal NBA player, but production or elite physical attributes are usually what separates prospects. James doesn’t have the athletic profile normally associated with ‘high-upside’ prospects, or the statistical production to warrant such separation on paper.

An example of this, and a weakness the NBA combine pointed out, is James’ height at six-foot-one and a half. The NBA’s a tough league for small guards, especially those who aren’t elite scorers or shot-makers. At his measured height, there will be concerns about fulfilling his role player-based projection. This is especially true when considering James’ lack of on-ball experience and creation. At almost every level of play, he’s been mostly on the wing as an off-ball player rather than a primary ball handler. It may be hard for teams to justify minutes on the wing however for James given his height.

NBA Comparison

James’ best chance at the next level currently looks to be a role player who’s a complimentary guard impacting the game on both ends. Outside the players mentioned previously, this would be similar to a De’Anthony Melton or Jalen Suggs type of mold. Again, all of these players did show vastly better production at the college level. In the right situation though, James will hope to be a good rotational guard on both ends of the floor.

2024 NBA Draft Projection

Second Round To Undrafted


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