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Phoenix Suns Reportedly Want to Re-Sign Intriguing Big Man

Phoenix Suns general manager James Jones

According to Evan Sidery, the Phoenix Suns “would like to re-sign Bol Bol.” After signing a deal with the team last summer, Bol will hit unrestricted free agency once again. In his first season with the Suns, Bol averaged 5.2 points and 3.2 rebounds per game. Additionally, he shot 61.6% from the field and 42.3% from beyond the arc. Sidery notes that, with Mike Budenholzer taking over as Phoenix’s head coach, Bol could receive a larger role as a stretch big.

Phoenix Suns Reportedly Want to Re-Sign Intriguing Big Man

What Bol Bol Brings to the Phoenix Suns

Officially listed at 7’3″, only Victor Wembanyama and Boban Marjonavic (both 7’4″) are taller than Bol. However, Bol is occasionally listed at 7’2″, which would also put Kristaps Porzingis over him. Regardless, Bol is an extremely tall player and provides size that is rare in today’s league. Furthermore, Bol possesses interesting tools that could make him dominant when paired with his size. Bol is quick for his height and can run the floor like a guard. Additionally, he is a good perimeter shooter and can help stretch the floor. Plus, he is still just 24 years old and has room for improvement on the court.

On the flip side, he is not a great defender. Due to his frame, he can block shots at a decent rate. However, Bol is not a player who can lock down the paint. Furthermore, he is a weak defender, especially for his size, which puts him at a big disadvantage. Although he has his weaknesses, there is enough to like about Bol. His playstyle is unique, and he has shown flashes in the past. Additionally, he should be a pretty cheap option for the Suns, who clearly seem to enjoy having him around. Bol is the ultimate low-risk, high-reward move for a team like the Suns.

Bol Bol’s Comparisons to Victor Wembanyama

Due to their similar statures and playstyles, Bol has received comparisons to the rookie sensation. More specifically, NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal has compared the two big men to each other.

“Bol Bol can do everything Wemby can do and even a little better: dribble behind the back, shoot the three, nice handle, the floater game. He’s just lazy.”

Bol responded after O’Neal’s comments, saying he disagrees.

“Anyone can say what they want about me,” Bol said. “It is what it is. I don’t feel that way.”

While Bol has the tools to be a fantastic player in the NBA, the comparisons to Wembanyama are not fair. Wembanyama has established himself as a force in the league during his rookie season. Bol has 6 points over 13.9 minutes per game in his five-year NBA career. Bol is no Wemby, but that does not mean he does not deserve a chance in the NBA. And with the Suns reportedly interested in bringing him back, it is possible he gets that chance sooner rather than later.


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