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2024 NBA Draft: Teams Reconsider Bronny James’ Draft Stock

2024 NBA Draft prospect Bronny James

The clock is ticking as teams prepare for the 2024 NBA Draft.

A couple of franchises have altered their approach after the Draft Lottery, as they’re in or out of position to select a top prospect. However, the Draft Combine was also a time for organizations to re-assess their boards. It was there that USC freshman Bronny James reignited belief in his NBA potential, scouts now considering him as a second-round or late first-round pick.

Forget second-round evaluations… teams have discussed drafting Bronny James in the first round in an effort to lure his father to their team in free agency,” reports Dan Woike of the Los Angeles Times.

“If you’re a contender and you’re not having those conversations, it’s irresponsible,” says one executive.

Teams Reconsider Bronny James’ Draft Stock

It has to be said. Drafting Bronny as bait for LeBron James is logical. Yet, if the team that drafts him is only using him as a pawn, it could damage the relationship between that organization and both Jameses.

For example, if the Utah Jazz were to draft him in the first round in hopes of getting LeBron’s attention, they might get the wrong type. While nobody can claim to know exactly what James is thinking, the chance that he signs with Utah this offseason is slim to none. As a result, people would look at the Jazz drafting his son as a ploy, which they may both take exception to.

Sentimental Value

A few teams could draft Bronny in the first round with the intention of luring LeBron away from the Los Angeles Lakers and benefit from it: the New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

For the Knicks and Cavs, there’s a sentimental appeal for James.

The 39-year-old recently called Madison Square Garden his “favorite playground.” The same day he took a trip down memory lane. If James was to play for one more team before he retired, it would probably be the Knicks. With regard to the Cavs, there’s a substantial amount of history. An Ohio native who was drafted first overall by the franchise in 2003, LeBron played for Cleveland for 21 seasons. In 2016, he led the Cavs to their first championship in franchise history.

The Sixers have money and a lot of it. They also have two NBA Award winners that are in their prime. If James wants to go back to the Big 3 formula that led him to four NBA titles, Philadelphia is the place to be.

Taking Bronny’s Development Seriously

Of those three teams, the Cavs and Knicks are likely to take Bronny’s development the most seriously.

Cleveland would promptly send James to their G League affiliate, where he could grow into a more assured and assertive version of himself. Though there’s no guarantee he’d earn a rotation spot early in his career, the Cavs would do all they can to make it happen. Especially with LeBron on the roster.

New York values defense and determination above all else, which bodes well for James if drafted by the Knicks. Furthermore, though Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau hasn’t exactly transformed his guys into flamethrowers on offense, he’s a defensive guru. With his tutelage, James could become good enough at his best skill to stick around the league for a long time.


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