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Paul Pierce Makes Bold Claim About Nikola Jokic

Paul Pierce recently made a bold claim about Nikola Jokic ahead of Game 3.

After Paul Pierce spent the last week playfully mocking his debate partner Keyshawn Johnson over the Los Angeles Lakers‘ early playoff exit, he guaranteed this morning on UNDISPUTED that the defending champions won’t be swept.

Even though the Denver Nuggets spent much of the first round trailing the Lakers, they came back to win four of the five games. When the Lakers finally beat Denver in Game 4, they snapped an 11-game losing streak against the defending champs.

After being bored-dominant in most games vs the Lakers, the Nuggets had given into a bad habit of playing too loose and relying heavily on near-perfect play down the stretch of games to win in the opening round.

In Games 1 and 2 of the following round, the Minnesota Timberwolves took full advantage of the Nuggets’ loose approach, outscoring Denver by 17 points over the first halves of both games.

Yet, the former Boston Celtics superstar has too much confidence in league MVP Nikola Jokic and his bunch.

Paul Pierce Says Jokic Will Prove His MVP Status

When debating tonight’s Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals, Keyshawn Johnson argued that the Timberwolves would win Games 3 and 4 at home to complete the sweep of the Denver Nuggets. If Minnesota executes a sweep, Denver would become the first defending champion to be swept since the Dallas Mavericks in 2012.

But Pierce believes the three-time MVP won’t go down without a fight.

“[Minnesota] won’t get swept. The Joker is going to show us why he’s the MVP and add some pressure on the Wolves, Pierce said. If Devner gets Game 3, then the pressure is back on the Wolves.”

In light of the NBA world passionately debating who should’ve been the 2024 NBA MVP, tonight is an opportunity for Nikola Jokic to prove the naysayers wrong.

In the series thus far, Jokic’s efficiency numbers are uncharacteristically low. He’s shooting just 42 percent from the floor, down from 59 percent against the Lakers in round 1.

Minnesota center Naz Reid has done his part in slowing down the league MVP. Limiting Jokic to just three made field goals through two games.

Paul Pierce Guarantees Nuggets Victory in Game 3

Throughout NBA history, teams that lost Game 1 and 2 at home are 5-24 in playoff series. The last team to come back and win the series under these circumstances was the Los Angeles Clippers in 2021.

Pierce acknowledged that history is against a Denver comeback. However, he also said if anyone can lead a comeback, it’s the Joker.

“Will they come back and win the series? I don’t know, Pierce said. But I know one thing, Skip and [Keyshawn], [Denver] is not losing Game 3.”

If the Nuggets want to make the 5-24 record 6-24, Jokic must perform tonight like Pierce says he will. Jokic will also need help from Jamal Murray, who escaped suspension. He was instead tagged with a $100K fine for throwing a heating pad on the court during Game 2.

Paul Pierce: A History of Bad Playoff Takes

Though he’s long been known as the ‘The Truth,’ Paul Pierce has had some questionable basketball takes over his TV career. Pierce just went out on a limb saying that the Nuggets will win tonight and avoid getting swept. If he misses on this take, it’ll add to his collection of cold takes.

2019: Pierce said the Rockets Would Blow Out the Warriors; Celtics-Bucks Series “Over” After Game 1

Five years ago, Pierce had some takes badly backfire, and NBA Twitter didn’t let him off the hook.

It started with his Boston Celtics. Kyrie Irving, Al Horford, Jayson Tatum, and the rest of the young Boston Celtics stormed into Milwaukee and trounced the top-seed Bucks in Game 1 of the second round. After the game, Pierce said the series was “over.” Little was he expecting that 24-year-old league MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo would lead Milwaukee to four straight wins. Ultimately taking the series in five.

After watching the 2019 Boston Celtics fall woefully short of lofty expectations, Pierce gave his input on the playoff rematch in the Semifinals between the Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets. He predicted Houston would win by “15-plus” in Game 6 to force a Game 7 in Oracle Arena.

Instead, the Warriors sent the James HardenChris Paul-led Rockets on an early vacation. In large part due to Steph Curry’s 23-point fourth-quarter explosion.

In fairness to Pierce, the Warriors were without Kevin Durant, who injured his lower leg in Game 5. Still, it goes on Pierce’s record as a cold take.

While predicting the Denver Nuggets will win 100 percent win tonight is bold. If they lose, at least Pierce’s failed take won’t be remembered as egregious as ones in the past.


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