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“Nova” Reunion: Re-Grading the Trade Leading Josh Hart to the Knicks

Josh Hart trade to the Knicks is pure gold for NY.

I don’t think Josh Hart ever saw himself on Basketball’s grandest stage. Having bounced around the league for his 1st couple of years, Hart played on the Lakers, Trailblazers, and the Pelicans for short stints. The best record for those teams when he was there? 36-46 with the Pelicans. But, in Feb 2023, his NBA life changed. Traded to the Knicks on 10th Feb, he was reunited with his Villanova running mate Jalen Brunson.

Now, 1 year and 2 months later, after playing all 48 minutes in Game 2, Josh Hart is building his legacy as a Knicks cult hero. He is the do-it-all player that every team needs. Need a bucket? He’s averaging almost 20 points a game in the playoffs. Game on the line and you need to grab a rebound? Hart is averaging 12.8 rebounds this postseason, 4th in the NBA. His ability to do and be whatever the team needs him to be has molded him into Tom Thibodeau’s go-to player.

So, let’s go back to that faithful day when Hart was traded to the Knicks last year. How does that trade look after Hart has played 1 and a half seasons with the Knicks?

“Nova” Boys Reunite: Re-Grading the Trade that Sent Josh Hart to the Knicks

The Trade

Knicks Get:

Josh Hart

Trailblazers Get:

Cam Reddish

Svi Mykhailiuk

Ryan Arcidiacono

2023 first-rounder (Kris Murray)

Josh Hart Trade: Initial Reactions and Grades

Among the many analysts in the NBA, writers for The Athletic, Bleacher Report, ESPN, and, CBS Sports, all gave the Knicks a grade in the B-to-B+ range. All of them felt the move was solid, and would help them improve around the margins. However, none of them were too optimistic about Josh Hart’s impact on the Knicks, as they believed he would be looking for a high contract. Indeed, many praised the TrailBlazers for getting a 1st-round pick for a potential flight risk once Hart opted out of his contract. The Ringer does its winners and losers of the trade deadline every year, and they saw TrailBlazers as one of the winners for flipping a rugged above-average shooter into an untapped wing (Cam Reddish) and a 1st-round pick.


Of the 4 players the TrailBlazers acquired, only their first-rounder remains on the team. Cam Reddish left in free agency and signed with the Lakers, Svi Mykhailiuk was re-routed to the Hornets in another trade that brought Matisse Thybulle to the Blazers, and Ryan Arcidiacono is back with the Knicks. Essentially, the Blazers traded away Josh Hart for a first-round pick and Svi Mykhailiuk.


If the Knicks were to put Josh Hart on the trade market today, they could get a first-round pick and at least 2 solid rotation players. Much of his value depreciated due to it being the last year of his contract, but any playoff team would love to have a Swiss army knife on their team. Teams love somebody who can contribute in every possible way without the ball in his hands and his ability to play 70+ games season after season is a plus.

Furthermore, Josh Hart has been the Knicks 2nd best player in the postseason. He has been their 2nd-best scorer, best rebounder, and the heart of the team. He had some huge shots in the series against the Sixers and helped keep the Knicks in the hunt while Jalen Brunson and OG Anunoby missed time in Game 2 against the Pacers.

Trade Grades

Knicks: A+

Even though I am objectively biased, it’s hard to give the Knicks anything less than an A (at the minimum). They traded away a bunch of role players who rarely played for them (they played 89 games as a Knick in their whole career) for a defensive wing that contributes in all facets of the game. Hart played 81 games this season and was the primary rebounder for a team that lost two of its starting big men halfway through the season. Furthermore, this postseason, he has proven time and time again how valuable he is to this Knicks team. In the clutch (this postseason), Hart has the highest +/- of any player in the NBA. Additionally, he has 9 rebounds in 33 minutes in the clutch, and 2 of those are on the offensive glass to extend possessions.

TrailBlazers: D-

I cannot fathom what the Blazers think of this trade now, because they must not like this. The only reason they do not get an F is because they got an extra first-round pick that they used on Kris Murray. However, Murray had a disappointing season, shooting just 26.8% from 3 and 39.6% from the field. Everybody else they got from the trade has moved on. Even more disheartening would be the fact that this Blazers team would have loved the defense Josh Hart brings. The team ranked 23rd in defense and won just 21 games, 3rd-least in the league.

Their best forward, Jerami Grant, played just 54 games for them. Their most played forwards were Jabari Walker and Toumani Camara. They combined to average 16.4 points, 12 rebounds and 2.2 assists. Portland could have used the hustle that Josh Hart provides, but they traded him away for pennies on the dollar.


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