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18-Year NBA Veteran Makes Decision On Playing Career

After his 18th season in the NBA officially ended in a first-round playoff loss to the New York Knicks, Philadelphia 76ers guard Kyle Lowry does not appear to be going away anytime soon. According to Keith Pompey of The Philadelphia Inquirer, the 38-year-old guard plans to stick around for at least one more season.

While the 38-year-old didn’t mention any potential destinations, Lowry acknowledged that he plans to play a 19th NBA season in 2024-25.

Lowry began the season with the Miami Heat. However, the team traded him to the Charlotte Hornets in February in a deal for Terry Rozier. Before suiting up for the Hornets, the team waived Lowry, making way for him to sign with his hometown team, the 76ers. Lowry started 20 of 23 games played with the team, not including starting all six playoff games the 76ers played. During his 76ers run, Lowry averaged 8 points, 2.8 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game. Additionally, he shot 44.4% from the field and 40.4% from the three-point line.

Upon signing with Philadelphia, Lowry signed a one-year contract. This will make him an unrestricted free agent this summer. Although Pompey reported that Lowry is unsure where he will play next, it seems the Villanova alum enjoyed his time in Philadelphia.

“The things that these guys have done — Joel playing on one leg — Tyrese in the minute of the game going crazy a couple minutes and going through ups and downs and finding ways to be successful. As a guy who’s been in the league a long time, I was so happy I got the opportunity to play with these guys and be around them,” Lowry stated.

“I had a great opportunity to be a part of two superstars in this league and for me, it was a joy to be around them. We’ll see what happens in the next couple of months,” he later added.

18-Year NBA Veteran Makes Decision On Playing Career

Is Kyle Lowry Still Valuable in 2024?

Despite being fresh off arguably the worst season of his career, Lowry is still a reliable basketball player. Lowry has lost a step defensively. However, he still has the hustle and energy he became known for with the Toronto Raptors. Additionally, his experience as a former NBA champion will always be valuable in the NBA. Furthermore, despite his recent shortcomings on the court, he is a true leader in the locker room. In April, teammate Paul Reed spoke highly of Lowry’s impact with the 76ers.

“He does a lot, man,” Reed told Sixers Wire. “Having a veteran guy like that, that has experience and championship games and knows ins and outs of the NBA and referees and all that. I mean, it’s a huge plus because he’s a great leader. He leads. Not just me, but he leads everybody on the team and guiding everybody to do the right thing. He’s like a coach for real.”

The Last Word on Kyle Lowry

Lowry is not the same player who was an NBA All-Star just four years ago. However, he can still provide value to a team as a veteran leader. Although he may not have a strong market this summer, it would not be a surprise to see the Philadelphia native on the court for a 19th season in 2024-25.


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