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NBA Investigates Jokic Brothers’ Altercation at Lakers Game

The Jokic brothers were part of another scuffle in the latest Denver Nuggets game.

The NBA is currently investigating Strahinja Jokić, brother to Nikola Jokić. He was recorded on a phone to be punching a fan just after the Nuggets’ win over the Los Angeles Lakers‚ 101-99‚ on Monday night. The fight seemed to get heated in the aftermath of Jamal Murray’s wild buzzer-beater.

Breaking News: NBA Investigates Nikola Jokić’s Brother Altercation at Lakers Game

After the win, the brothers are seen approaching the two men in the stands and starting a fight between them. It isn’t clear what led up to the fight or what words were exchanged, but Strahinja is seen to throw a punch that hit the fan in the head. TMZ Sports was able to validate the altercation through the witnesses who were close to the incident.

Not The First for The Jokic Brothers

This incident is far from the first involving the brothers. In 2021‚ they took to social media after Jokić suspension for shoving‚ the then Miami Heat forward‚ Markieff Morris. They threatened Morris on multiple occasions. The brothers frequently sit courtside at most Nuggets games and can be aggressive anytime something pops up. They were captured live screaming at Phoenix Suns players after an argument broke out during a game in 2021.

Strahinja was arrested for choking and pushing a woman during a domestic scuffle in 2019. He later pleaded guilty to misdemeanor count and felony trespassing the following year. He was acquitted on all charges and the case was dismissed.

During their Western Conference Finals last year, they yelled at Jack Nicholson after the Nuggets took a 3-0 series lead over the Los Angeles Lakers. The video released‚ showed one of the brothers giving Nicholson a thumbs up while the other yelled, “See you next year! Bye-bye! Bye-bye!” It is a known fact‚ they tend to be caught up in a heated moment during the Denver Nuggets game.

NBA to Consider the Verdict?

The NBA is known to take a hard stance on these kinds of incidents. It’s unclear how the NBA will get to handle the altercation on the Monday night game. Currently, it is anyone’s wild guess‚ if the league will hand down some sort of punishment. They can decide to ban the Jokic brothers from attending all games. They also can let the local authorities handle the matter and stay out of it. We are waiting to see the aftermath of the brothers as the NBA, Denver Nuggets and Denver Police are conducting investigations.

The Playoff Series Continues

Nikola Jokic recorded a triple-double in their Game 2 with the Lakers on Monday night. He tallied 27 points, 20 rebounds, and 10 assists. Previously, he had a double-double with 32 points and 12 rebounds in Game 1.

The current defending champions of the 2022-2023 NBA Championship will be traveling to Los Angeles for their Games 3 and 4 at Los Angeles Lakers home ground‚ Arena. On the other end‚ the Nuggets will get to host their opponents in Games 5 and 7 at Ball Arena.


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