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Three Major Keys For The 76ers To Win Game Two Over The Knicks

Joel Embiid is a key player in a 76ers game 2 win.

The New York Knicks beat the Philadelphia 76ers 111-104 in last night’s game. Additionally, the Knicks executed far better than Philly in the contest. They just could not get enough shots to fall to win the game. However, tomorrow is another chance for them to retake momentum in this series. Here are the three major keys that can help them win tomorrow night.

Three Major Keys For The 76ers To Win Game Two Over The Knicks

Key One-Making: High-Percentage Shooting Opportunities

The Sixers missed so many wide-open shots last night. They basically gift-wrapped the contest to the Knicks. With the amount of wide-open shots that could not find the bottom of the net. Additionally, while they are in hostile territory playing a second game in New York. Nick Nurse has to do something to get them to find their confidence early. One of those things needs to be to encouraging them to attack the basket. Additionally, Philly’s best offensive possessions came when someone attacked the basket and created a high-percentage shot. Maybe instead of passing it to the three-point line they need to go for a lay-up and get the Knicks in early foul trouble. Sometimes getting easy opportunities by either laying the ball up or making free throws can unlock struggling role players.

Also, if they start making lay-ups and dunks that will force the Knicks to focus more on the paint. This should open up easier three-point opportunities and if they start hitting those shots the Knicks are in trouble.  Additionally, the shot-making of the role players will open up more room for Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey to continue their offensive dominance of New York’s defensive scheme.

Key Two: Turn Non-Embiid Minutes Into a New York Nightmare

Last night’s game really turned during the non-Embiid minutes. Philly’s offense started struggling in the second quarter when he went down with an injury. Additionally, they could not answer New York’s offensive explosion in that quarter. Once that happened the Knicks were able to impose their will on the game. The adjustment that can be made here is playing another starter who can score the ball. Winning the non-Embiid minutes is especially important considering his health.

Maybe, Maxey needs to sit earlier in the first quarter. So that he can have his legs under him when the second quarter starts. An aggressive Maxey is a great thing for Philly.  He needs to take full control of that unit and either use his scoring ability or, his improved playmaking ability to create wide-open opportunities for his teammates. Also, if Maxey plays better without Embiid on the floor along with the role players hitting shots. That would turn the non-Embiid minutes from a nightmare for the Sixers to one for the Knicks.

Key Three: Put a Body on Someone and Grab a Rebound

The Sixers cannot afford to get out-rebounded by 25 like they did in game one. They must narrow that gap and get the margin down to at least six-10. Also, the only way that will happen is if Nurse starts putting more rebounders on the court. Players like Paul Reed or KJ Martin who always find some way to get their hands on the ball deserve more opportunities. Putting an Embiid and Reed combo line-up in the game could be effective here. If nothing else it puts a hustler on the floor for Philly. In a spot where they need one badly and gives the Knicks a new defensive scheme to look at.

Additionally, Reed did not see the floor much last night. When he got on the floor he made something happen. Whether it was grabbing rebounds and putting the ball in the hoop immediately or blocking shots to keep New York’s lead within striking distance for a Philly comeback. That rebound gap has to be manageable for Philly to have any chance of winning tomorrow night. Also, if they can narrow the rebounding gap along with the other two major keys appearing in the contest. The Sixers will win game two tomorrow night and regain momentum as the series shifts back to Philadelphia.


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