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San Antonio Spurs Pursuing Legendary Point Guard?

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According to NBA insider Marc Stein, future Hall of Famer Chris Paul could be on his way to the San Antonio Spurs.

“A potential team to watch, should Paul and the Warriors part ways, is San Antonio,” wrote NBA insider Marc Stein. “Among the early personnel rumbles in circulation: The Spurs could emerge as a Paul suitor if they decide to pursue some veteran know-how on a short-term contract basis to furnish presumptive Rookie of the Year winner Victor Wembanyama with more seasoned help in Year 2.”

Paul spent last season with the Golden State Warriors, playing primarily in a bench role for the first time in his career. With Golden State, the 39-year-old averaged arguably the worst stats of his career. In 58 games played, including 18 starts, Paul averaged 9.2 points, 3.9 rebounds, and 6.8 assists per game. However, after the team’s Play-In loss to the Sacramento Kings, general manager Mike Dunleavy expressed interest in bringing him back next season.

“I think admittedly he probably wished he had a larger role and could help the team a little bit more, but I think moving forward because of his production and the guy can still do it and what he means to winning and all that stuff, we certainly have interest in bringing him back.

The Wake Forest alum is on the books for $30.8 million next season. However, it is a non-guaranteed contract unless the team moves him before June 28. After that, Paul’s contract becomes fully guaranteed and will eat up a lot of cap space. The Spurs are currently projected to have anywhere between $20 million to $26 million in cap space for this offseason.

San Antonio Spurs Pursuing Legendary Point Guard?

Why Chris Paul Would Be A Great Addition to the San Antonio Spurs

Despite his career being on its last legs, Paul is still a useful point guard in the NBA. Additionally, he is still one of the game’s best floor generals and playmakers. Pairing Victor Wembanyama with a point guard like Paul is a match made in heaven. Furthermore, the North Carolina native can still be a good scorer and is a solid second option next to Wembanyama. And although they likely won’t win a championship anytime soon, acquiring Paul would move the Spurs closer to the playoff picture immediately.

After a December game against the Warriors, Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich spoke very highly about Paul.

“Chris is an alpha,” he said prior to the season. “He’s a natural leader. He takes no prisoners. He suffers no fools. He’s there to win. If a young player can understand what Chris Paul can give them, it’s a huge boon to his career.”

The Last Word on Chris Paul and the San Antonio Spurs

Paul has already made it clear he doesn’t plan on retiring this year. If he does end up with San Antonio, it will be interesting to see how long his career lasts there. Assuming the Spurs trade for Paul without re-working his contract, he will only be on the books for one season. At this stage in his career, the former MVP candidate is likely more interested in finally winning a championship than mentoring a young team. Playing one year with the Spurs and moving on next offseason is an option. Regardless, it is worth monitoring Paul’s status throughout the summer to see where he ends up.


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