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Cooper Flag Leads Team USA to Victory at Nike Hoop Summit

Cooper Flagg leads a group of talented prospects at the Nike Hoop Summit.

The 2024 Nike Hoop Summit showcased an electrifying clash of international basketball talent, culminating in a captivating showdown between the USA and the World Team. With a final score of 98-75, the USA emerged triumphant. The stellar performance of Cooper Flagg (19 points and 11 rebounds) led the way.

Flagg’s resilience and determination were on full display. In the second half, where he spearheaded the USA’s dominance on both ends of the court. His ability to excel in the mid-range game and facilitate scoring opportunities for his teammates hinted at his potential to become a generational talent.

Cooper Flag Leads Team USA to Victory at Nike Hoop Summit

Team USA More Than a One-Man Show

However, Flagg was not the only standout player of the night. Dylan Harper’s complete skill set established him as one of the best point guards in his class.

While the game showcased established talents, it also provided a platform for emerging prospects to shine. Asa Newell made his presence felt with a commanding double-double (17 points and 10 rebounds).

Rutgers pledges Harper and Ace Bailey, contributed double-digit points and defensive tenacity for Team USA. The trios play Newell’s performance highlighted the depth and talent of the USA squad, solidifying their superiority over their international counterparts.

World Team Showcases Global Talent

On the World Team, AJ Dybantsa emerged as a force to be reckoned with, displaying an aggressive scoring mentality en route to 21 points. Dybantsa’s often looked like the best player on the floor throughout the game.

Nolan Traore, a talented French point guard, dazzled spectators with his exceptional playmaking skills and scoring prowess. Traore’s performance solidified his status as a top prospect in the upcoming draft.

VJ Edgecombe’s explosive athleticism and sharpshooting abilities added another dimension to the World Team’s offense. Edgecombe’s impact on both ends of the court highlighted the game’s competitive nature despite the final score.

Names to Know for the 2025 NBA Draft

Ultimately, the 2024 Nike Hoop Summit served as a thrilling display of skill, athleticism, and competitive spirit. As fans look ahead to the future, the event highlighted several players who could be selected in the lottery of the 2025 NBA Draft.

Flagg, Traore, Edgecombe, Harper, Bailey, and Khaman Maluach have emerged as top prospects primed for the 2025 NBA Draft.

Flagg’s dynamic skill set, highlighted by his defensive prowess, positions him as a potential early selection. Traore’s versatility as a playmaker and scorer makes him a coveted prospect for NBA teams. Edgecombe’s explosive athleticism and sharpshooting prowess draw comparisons to established NBA stars. Harper’s complete game as a point guard solidifies his status as one of the draft’s premier prospects.

Additionally, Bailey’s NBA-caliber shooting and defensive versatility make him a sought-after prospect for teams looking to bolster their perimeter game. As the draft approaches, these standout players are poised to be among the top selections, each bringing unique talents and potential to the NBA stage. Maluach’s raw potential hinted at a promising future despite his current development stage.

Given how poorly the 2024 NBA Draft is viewed by front office personnel league-wide, this look at what’s coming down the line certainly was welcomed by decision-makers for all 30 teams.


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