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3 NBA Franchises That Would Benefit from Offseason Rebrand

Charlotte Hornets mascot walks around during NBA game against Los Angeles Clippers

There are a few NBA franchises that could use a makeover. Some have become synonymous with losing. Others have become the laughingstocks of the league. Others still have just gone stale, drawing little attention one way or the other.

In this lighthearted assessment, alternate team names are proposed by three of the worst franchises of all-time. Changing their mascot won’t bring about any wins or playoff success. However, it could lead to a renewed or appropriate interest.

3 NBA Franchises That Would Benefit from Rebrand

Charlotte Hornets

Proposed Alternate: Cardinals, Mustangs, Sharks

After 34 seasons, the Charlotte Hornets have a record of 1171-1533, the third-worst win percentage (.433) in the NBA. They’ve made the playoffs just 10 times in that span. Now, with new executive leadership set to complement their young core, the Hornets are in a perfect position to rebrand.

Looking at North Carolina’s state symbols, several are fitting for a mascot name: the (Red) Cardinals; (Spanish) Mustangs; and Sharks (Megalodons).

Each of those names could find plenty of support thrown behind it. However, ‘the Sharks’ have a different dynamic than any team in NBA history. Sharks have never been used as an NBA mascot.

Washington Wizards

Proposed Alternate: Presidents, District, (DC) Armada

The Washington Wizards are only slightly better than the Charlotte Hornets all-time, going 2271-2808 (.447 win percentage). Seemingly set to relocate to Virginia before plans fell through last week, those changes might have led to an eventual rebranding. That said, just because the Wizards aren’t relocating to Virginia doesn’t mean they can’t still re-work their image.

Of the proposed team names, the Washington District is short and sweet. However, the Washington Presidents and (DC) Armada also roll off the tongue. Both the Presidents and the Armada were among the team names suggested for the NFL’s Washington Redskins before they decided on the Commanders.

New Orleans Pelicans

Proposed Alternate: Creole, Gators, Leopard Dogs

The New Orleans Pelicans haven’t been that successful as a franchise either, going 827-933 and winning 47.0 percent of their games. This rebranding isn’t about a lack of success though. It’s simply an effort to give the franchise a better team name. ‘Pelicans’ has always felt as if it was missing a spark or power.

That isn’t the case for these team names. Creole, an homage to New Orleans culture, fits the city’s spirit like a glove. Gators is also appropriate, and there’s a force in the team name as well. Leopard Dogs comes out of left field even though it’s the breed of the state dog. However, it’s just weird enough to stick and become popular.


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