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Bulls’ NBA Award Candidate Reveals Mindset Amid Shooting Slump

Coby White, Alex Caruso, and DeMar DeRozan of the Chicago Bulls

Chicago Bulls guard Coby White is in a shooting slump.

After being sidelined for three games with a hip injury (Mar. 14-18), White has played in the Bulls’ last five games, averaging 16.4 points and 5.8 assists per game. In that stretch, he’s only converted 34.6 percent of his field goal attempts and 29.4 percent of his 3-point attempts. The Bulls, who are 35-39 overall, went 1-4.

White isn’t sure how to get over his shooting woes other than to stay the course, per Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times. Bulls veteran DeMar DeRozan believes that White lost his rhythm in the three games he was sidelined. However, regardless of his play on the court, he wants to ensure he’s still leading correctly.

Coby White Reveals Focus Amid Shooting Slump

“I was talking to [Alex Caruso] last game,” White relays in an interview with NBC Sports Chicago’s K.C Johnson. “I was telling him: I found my voice last year. OK, cool. The challenge this year is with the importance I have on the team, with the role that I have, with the amount of minutes I play, how can I continue to lead on a consistent basis?”

“In the course of a game, emotions are high. A lot of variables go into each game. You’re human. You’re obviously aware of how you’re playing in any given game. And that’s what I was talking to [Caruso] about…,” White explains.

At 30 years old, Caruso is the sixth-oldest player on the team. He’s six years older than White, who turned 24 on Feb. 16. Lastly, he spent four years at Texas A&M, starting every game the last two seasons. These factors all contribute to Caruso being looked to for advice by White. Based on the Texas native’s response to his young teammate, his words also carry weight because they’re well-thought-out and come from personal experience.

“…[Caruso] said being consistent with your voice no matter how it’s going for you was one of the hardest things he had to learn,” per White.

“No matter how the game is going or how I’m playing, I want to continue to consistently use my voice and bring my spirit to uplift my teammates and not do it on an inconsistent basis. I feel like I have to continue to grow there.”

With eight games remaining on their schedule for the 2023-24 regular season, multiple storylines have emerged in Chicago. Will White win the Most Improved Player of the Year Award? Will DeRozan win the Clutch Player of the Year Award?

However, the most important question has been the one they had from the season tip-off to now. Will the Bulls make the playoffs, or will they miss them for the sixth time in seven years?


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