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Nets Star Gets Brutal Update, Curious Injury Strikes Again

Brooklyn Nets guard Ben Simmons sits on sideline with injury

Brooklyn Nets star guard Ben Simmons will sit out for the remainder of the 2023-24 season as he consults with medical specialists about treatment options for persistent issues stemming from a nerve impingement in his lower back, according to the team:

“Ben Simmons will remain out for the remainder of the season while he consults with specialists and explores treatment options for the nerve impingement in his lower back. Simmons, along with his representatives and Nets medical personnel, are currently in discussions with numerous experts to determine the course of action that will provide him with the best opportunity for long-term sustainable health.”

Ben Simmons Ruled Out for Remainder of Season

Interestingly, Ben Simmons was diagnosed with a nerve impingement in his back on Sunday (Mar. 3). Originally labeled as leg soreness, the Brooklyn Nets changed the classification of his ailment shortly before their game against the Memphis Grizzlies. It’s hardly a jump from leg soreness to nerve impingement. The pinched nerves in Simmons’ back can cause pain and numbness in his lower extremities. However, the writing may have been on the wall for Ben Simmons for a while.

After all, it’s the same malady that’s helped limit him to just 57 games over the past three seasons. Literally. According to the New York Post’s Brian Lewis, “a source close to Simmons told The Post that the three-time All-Star did not suffer a new impingement, that this is the same one that plagued him earlier.”

“He hasn’t gotten any new imaging (e.g. MRI, X-ray) and isn’t expected to; nor has he received any more shots,” Lewis adds.

At the time, Nets interim head coach Kevin Ollie believed they could have Simmons back for a playoff run. In fact, the Nets “were just trying to get to the source” of Simmons’ ailment, and that led to the change in his diagnosis.”

“But he’s still day-to-day, he’s still on the court,” Ollie said.

Ben Simmons’ Career In Doubt

Between Kevin Ollie and Ben Simmons’ optimism, it appeared possible that he’d be relatively healthy for the remainder of the season. Healthy enough to quell concerns about his playing future? Maybe not. But healthy enough to make a consistently positive impact. To that point, when Simmons did play this season, he performed well. Not at his previous All-Star level but respectably.

Now ruled out for another season, questions about his career are sure to ramp up. For one, Simmons played sparingly over the last few seasons due to what are very real injuries. Furthermore, the 3-time All-Star will be on the final season of a five-year, $177.2 million contract extension that he signed with the Philadelphia 76ers back in 2019. Both of these factors make it possible that NBA fans have seen the last of Simmons. At least with the Nets.


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