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2024 NBA Draft Best Power Forwards

Kyle Filipowski is one of the best forwards in the 2024 NBA draft

While not this NBA draft class’ strength, these power forward prospects will try to bolster their team’s front-court. The power forward position has drastically changed with time as the position has become much more perimeter and skill focused.

Let’s take a look at the best power forward prospects in the 2024 NBA draft.

2024 NBA Draft Best Power Forwards

1) Alexandre Sarr: Perth Wildcats (NBL Australia)

Alex Sarr is a French big man who plays in the NBL out of Australia. Sarr could play the center position, but his upside skills place him at power forward for this NBA draft class. Sarr is extremely mobile for his size standing at a lanky seven-foot-one with a seven-foot-five wingspan. He’s already NBA-ready on the defensive end blocking shots and using his length and mobility on the perimeter. This easily projected defensive skillset has placed him at number one in a draft class that has so many uncertainties. He still has plenty upside though as he’s shown flashes of intriguing offensive skill in face-ups and three-point shooting.

If the offensive skill continues to grow and develop, Sarr could be a very skilled frontcourt piece for any NBA franchise.

2) Kyle Filipowski: Duke

Kyle Filipowski is a seven-foot power forward in this NBA draft class with great perimeter skills. He’s shown much better percentages and overall play so far in his sophomore season at Duke. His shooting touch and fundamentals for his size certainly all pass the eye test. There are still some question marks however about who he guards and his lateral quickness on the defensive end. Filipowski will be selected more for his offensive polish and mobility at seven feet. He hopes to make a team in the back end of the lottery very happy on draft night.

3) Tyler Smith: G-League Ignite

Tyler Smith is a smooth lefty forward at six-foot-ten with good mobility. He moves like an NBA wing and has a smooth release on his shooting stroke. While his physique and skill pass the eye test, however, the efficiency hasn’t been there. Smith still needs to show that he possesses an elite trait or gain a defined role to rise up draft boards. Playing for a woeful G-league Ignite team that’s struggled all season certainly isn’t helping his chances. If he can show consistent shooting in pre-draft workouts though, he could become one of the higher upside power forwards in this NBA draft class.

4) Bobi Klintman: Cairns Taipans (NBL Australia)

Bobi Klintman left Wake Forest after this past season in favor of the NBL in Australia. At six-foot-nine, Klintman has an intriguing skillset as a combo forward with a clean shooting stroke. He’s shown enough with his live ball handle to intrigue scouts as well. Klintman is a prospect who could rise up draft boards following good showings in private workouts or the combine. Playing in a pro league, Klintman has certainly had his ups and downs on the season, making him more of a project pick at this point.

5) Izan Almansa: G-League Ignite

Izan Almansa is a six-foot-ten big man for the G-league Ignite by way of the Overtime Elite league, and originally Spain. Almansa is currently most heralded for his high-effort play and skilled finishing on the interior. He hasn’t shown much of anything on the perimeter up to this point, and scouts will have questions about his athleticism. He’s placed at the power forward position in this NBA draft class mostly due to his ‘connector’ ability on offense. Almansa can become a high IQ big man that can keep the game flowing from either frontcourt position.

6) Tristan Da Silva: Colorado

Tristan Da Silva’s a power forward who plays the game the right way and does a lot of things well. At six-foot-nine, he’s shooting 37 percent from the perimeter and is a solid team defender. Scouts main concern with Silva will be his athletic limitations. He may struggle on defense to guard more athletic forwards and doesn’t contain the strength to guard centers. Da Silva might be a tweener with no true position, but he’s proven he can affect the game in a variety of ways.

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