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What Should The Celtics Do With Their Open Roster Spot?

Neemias Queta seems like the most likely option for the Celtics open roster spot.

After the trade deadline, the Celtics have an open roster spot. Many fans have been speculating on how the Celtics should use this roster spot. With some two-way contracts currently on the roster and players available on the buyout market the Celtics have some options. Let’s dive into some candidates for the Celtics final roster spot.

What Should The Celtics Do With Their Open Roster Spot?

Convert Neemias Queta

Neemias Queta has been a top candidate for the Celtics’ last roster spot. Currently on a two-way contract the 24 year big man quickly became a favorite among Celtics’ fans. Queta’s energy, shot-blocking, and rebounding make him an easy player to root for. This skill set also gives him a clear role with the team. Under his two-way contract, Queta can only play 50 games with the Celtics this season he has already played in 22 games this year. Converting his two-way contract to a standard contract would allow Queta to stay with in Boston for the rest of the season. Recently Brad Stevens was asked about the possibility of converting Queta’s contract and he spoke highly of Queta.

The acquisition of Xavier Tillman makes converting Queta challenging. Queta already had a limited role now with Tillman in the mix there’s even less opportunity and minutes available. As a result, the Celtics could look to upgrade to a different position in the buyout market. However, there’s no internal player more deserving of this final roster spot than Queta. His skill set still holds real value for the Celtics even if the center rotation is crowded now and he has a lot of upside. If there are no intriguing players on the buyout market, converting Queta’s contract is a very likely scenario.  In terms of other internal options, converting rookie Jordan Walsh’s deal is an exciting yet unlikely scenario.

Danilo Gallinari

The Celtics’ buyout options are limited because of the new CBA rules that only allow second apron tax teams to sign players previously making 12.4 million or less. Danilo Gallinari spent last season injured with the Celtics. After being waived by the Pistons at the deadline a Celtics-Gallo reunion emerged as a possibility. Gallinari grew up a Celtics fan and likely was eager to rejoin the team. It was reported that the Celtics also have some interest in bringing Gallinari back making the move a true possibility.

Delon Wright

While Delon Wright hasn’t been bought out yet he’s been one of the top rumored buyout players. Given the Wizards tanking direction a buyout would make sense. Wright could serve a valuable veteran depth role on a contending team. For the Celtics Wright would round out their guard depth and give them more perimeter size off the bench. Ultimately, Wright would be a perfect final addition to the Celtics’ roster.

Otto Porter Jr

Otto Porter Jr is another player who hasn’t yet been bought out but will likely be soon. Porter was dealt to the Jazz who could opt to buy out his contract in favor of focusing on developing their young talent. Porter hasn’t played much in the last two seasons, only appearing in 22 games total. However, his playoff experience and leadership make Porter an intriguing depth piece. Porter was once an elite shooter and role player but has fizzled out due to injury issues. He wouldn’t get many minutes with the Celtics but would be a good team chemistry and depth piece.

The Last Word

As things currently stand, converting Queta’s contract feels like the best move especially considering his upside. The buyout market looks pretty limited right now however that could change in the coming days and is something to continue monitoring. Even with Tillman taking away from his minutes Queta would likely play a bigger role than any buyout player. Regardless, whoever gets the final roster spot will be a depth piece and play a limited role. Ultimately, unless a bigger name becomes available, converting Queta’s contract or another internal upgrade is the best move.


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