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Ranking The Best LeBron James vs Steph Curry Games of All Time

Steph Curry vs LeBron James makes for great TV

The LeBron James and Steph Curry rivalry is the most iconic NBA rivalry of this generation. There have been 50 total games in this iconic matchup including four straight years in the NBA finals. As a result, this rivalry has produced some incredible performances and legendary moments. The different playstyles yet incredible entertainment make this rivalry especially exciting. After a recent double overtime thriller now is the perfect time to countdown the top five games in this rivalry of all time.

Ranking The Best LeBron James vs Steph Curry Games of All Time

Honorable mentions

2015 Finals Game One

This rivalry is too dense not to mention a few honorable mentions. The 2015 finals started the James-Curry rivalry and game one was incredible. LeBron exploded with a massive 44-point performance leading the Cavs to overtime where they narrowly lost to the Warriors. Curry led the way for the Dubs with 26 points. Notably, this was the only game of the series where Kyrie Irving played.

2017 Finals Game Three

Everyone knew who was going to the 2017 and 2018 finals because Kevin Durant made the Warriors unstoppable. Regardless, these finals still produced some iconic moments. Including Durant’s dagger pull-up three in game three of the 2017 finals. A game where Durant had 31 points, Curry 26 points, and 13 assists. LeBron had a 39-point, 11 rebound, and 9-assist outburst. Ultimately the Warriors would go on to win the series in five games but this remains the most competitive and memorable finals game in 2017.

5. 2022 Regular Season: 56 For The King

This regular season game is yet another improbable win for LeBron. The Lakers were a disaster in 2022 finishing 11th in the conference with 33 wins while the Warriors would go on to win the title winning over 50 games in the regular season. On paper, this shouldn’t have been a great game. However, LeBron’s brilliant 56-point game a career-high vs Curry made this a great game and a legendary individual performance. This included 16 4th quarter points from King James to secure an 8-point victory. Curry also had a great game pouring in 30 points. As a result this one of the best duels this rivalry has ever had.

4. 2018 NBA Finals Game One: LeBron’s Big Night Spoiled

It’s hard to forget game one of the 2018 finals. The Warriors were heavy favorites in the finals and many expected a sweep. LeBron was doing the impossible throughout the playoffs reaching his eighth straight finals appearance. James was having an incredible game including 25 second-half points and Clevland had a great chance to win.

George Hill tied the game with a free throw but then missed the second attempt leading to J.R. Smith getting a clutch rebound. Before inexplicably dribbling the ball back almost to halfcourt creating one of the most iconic photos in NBA history. Ultimately the Cavs would lose in overtime despite LeBron having an absurd 51 points, the fifth most in a finals game and the second most LeBron has had against Curry. The Cavs went on to get swept in the series making this loss and Smith’s mistake more unfortunate. On the Warriors’ side, both Curry and Durant had big nights scoring 29 and 26 points respectively.

3. 2024 Regular Season: An Overtime Thriller

I’m ranking the most recent matchup third which might feel high given the incredible history of the James-Curry rivalry. However, the double-overtime game was a thrilling experience and certainly deserves a spot on this list. The Warriors and Lakers mirror each other this season both teams are veteran teams failing to live up to their expectations which added to the importance of this matchup. Both Curry and LeBron delivered incredible performances in this game.

Curry poured in 46 points and nine three-pointers which is a career-high versus LeBron. While LeBron had a brilliant 36-point, 20 rebounds, 12 assists triple-double. The Warriors had a cold streak late in the 4th but two clutch layups down the stretch from Curry allowed the Warriors to go into overtime. With seven seconds left in overtime, Klay Thompson hit a three to tie the game forcing a second overtime. In double overtime Curry hit a three to give the Warriors the lead with just five seconds to go however LeBron responded with two free throws to give the Lakers the win. Curry finished with 15 points in overtime while LeBron had 12. Ultimately this might be the game of the year and it was a legendary game from two all-time greats. The level of production where are still getting from both players at their age is nothing short of amazing.

2. 2016: A Christmas Classic

When Durant joined the Warriors in 2016 most people thought they would be unbeatable. They pretty much were and have a strong case as the greatest team of all time. However, the Cavs would get the better of them in their first matchup in the KD era. Delivering us an epic Christmas day showdown in the process. LeBron and Durant battled the whole game scoring 31 and 36 points respectively. However, it was Kyrie who once again stole the show this time by hitting a game-winner over Thompson with just 3 seconds left. Kyrie’s game-winning shot gave the Cavs a 109-108 win over the new-look Warriors he finished with 25 points and 10 assists in the game.

1. 2016 NBA Finals Game Seven: The Best Game Of This Generation

There’s no other option for the number one spot. Game seven of the 2016 finals is legendary in every sense of the word. To set the stage there have only been four game sevens in the finals since 2000. Include two iconic clutch plays and a legendary comeback and you’ve got an all-timer. These factors make it the best game of this generation. Despite this being the best game of the generation it had old school and defensive qualities like most game sevens do.

In the last two minutes, we got two of the most legendary plays in NBA history. LeBron’s chase-down block on Andre Iguodala followed by Kyrie’s three-pointer over Curry gave the Cavs a 92-89 lead. LeBron would finish with a 27-point triple-double to lead the Cavs to their first title in franchise history. Ultimately the Cavs would win 93-89 incredibly completing the first 3-1 comeback in NBA finals history.


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