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1 Realistic Trade Target For Every Eastern Conference NBA Team

Toronto Raptors forward Pascal Siakam (43) shoots three point basket during the second half against the Los Angeles Lakers at Arena.

With the NBA trade deadline quickly approaching and trade rumors heating up. Now is the perfect time to analyze what each team needs and who they could target. With an emphasis on fit and realistic moves, here is one trade target for every Eastern Conference team.

A follow-up article will analyze NBA trade targets for Western Conference teams, so if a player isn’t on this list, he will likely appear in the next article.

1 Realistic Trade Target For Every Eastern Conference NBA Team

Atlanta Hawks: Trey Murphy III

The Hawks are reportedly sellers at the deadline, and a Dejounte Murray trade feels inevitable. The Pelicans are a team that hasn’t been mentioned a ton in Murray rumors, but a deal makes a lot of sense for both sides. Trey Murphy III would be the best player the Pelicans could offer up. Murphy is a versatile two-way wing with a lot of upside. This makes him an ideal fit next to Trae Young and Jalen Johnson, the players the Hawks want to build around.

Boston Celtics: Alex Caruso

The Celtics don’t need much at the deadline, and it’s very possible they won’t make a move. However, Brad Stevens has proven to be one of the most aggressive GMs in the league. The Celtics have been linked to Alex Caruso in the scenario that Stevens gets aggressive at the deadline. Landing Caruso would double down on Boston’s strength of perimeter defense and further solidify Boston as the team to beat. The Celtics could offer a package of draft picks and role players to make this deal work. Alternatively, they may target a rotational center that fits under their $7 million trade exception as insurance for Kristaps Porzingis and Al Horford.

Brooklyn Nets: Dennis Schroder

The Nets are in a difficult position. They aren’t good enough to compete, but without their first pick this year, trading top players like Mikal Bridges would be foolish. As a result, the best moves are trading some role players for draft picks and/or buying low on players who could help make a playoff push. The Nets could use another ball handler and creator, making Dennis Schroder a solid fit. Schroder has expressed his displeasure about his situation in Toronto and could be moved. He could help the Nets make a playoff push and is worth the risk for the cheap price.

Charlotte Hornets: Quentin Grimes

The Hornets’ primary focus is building toward the future. As a result, most fans are already focused on the draft. Outside of getting picks, the Hornets should take some flyers on young players. Quentin Grimes showed signs of being a high-level 3-and-D guard last year. But he has seen a decrease in minutes and a lack of aggression this year. As a result, his days with the Knicks are likely numbered, and he could be available for a bargain price. Regardless, the potential is there, and Charlotte could be the right place for him to rejuvenate his career. Grimes’ skill set would complement both LaMelo Ball and Brandon Miller nicely. For a discount price, Grimes is certainly worth a gamble.

Chicago Bulls: Rui Hachimura

The Zach LaVine trade market feels pretty dry, and the biggest thing for the Bulls would be getting draft picks in a trade. However, the Lakers have long been connected with LaVine, and he fits their needs. Rui Hachimura is perhaps the most intriguing player who could be a part of the deal. Hachimura gives the Bulls a much-needed quality two-way wing. Ultimately, Hachimura is a good piece to keep around who fits whatever direction the Bulls want to go.

Cleveland Cavaliers: Simone Fontecchio

The Cavaliers are in a unique position amid rumors that star Donovan Mitchell will not return after next season. With injuries to Darius Garland and Evan Mobley, all signs point to them remaining patient at the deadline before fully evaluating their core this offseason. The Cavaliers have improved their spacing and wing depth from last year. But with Mobley and Jarrett Allen in your starting five, you can never have enough spacing. Simone Fontecchio has established himself as a knockdown shooter who could be extremely valuable in the playoffs. If the Jazz decide to sell at the trade deadline, he could be available for a somewhat cheap price.

Detroit Pistons: Buddy Hield

Among the Pistons’ many problems is their lack of floor spacing and quality shooters. This hurts their young players’ development and ability to pull off upsets. The Pistons should be focused on making any type of progress and fixing this poor roster construction. Buddy Hield would help in both these departments. Hield is a knock-down shooter and quality perimeter scorer. He requested a trade before the season started, making this move more realistic. Swapping Isaiah Stewart with Hield makes sense for both teams’ needs. Other players would have to be included to make the deal work contractually. Nonetheless, this is an intriguing possibility.

Indiana Pacers: Pascal Siakam

The Pacers desperately need a two-way wing, making Pascal Siakam an ideal fit. Currently, the Pacers project to be a playoff team, but with poor defense, it’s hard to imagine them winning a series. Siakam would get that outlook and accelerate the timeline around budding star Tyrese Haliburton. Furthermore, since Siakam is on an expiring contract, the Pacers could get him for a fair price. Some combination of draft picks, Jarace Walker, Buddy Hield, Andrew Nembhard, and Bennedict Mathurin, would be enough to land Siakam.

Miami Heat: Tyus Jones

The Heat could use a natural point guard and additional playmaker. If the Wizards decide to gut their roster further, Tyus Jones would be a perfect addition to the Heat. Jones’ basketball IQ and playmaking abilities are off the charts; he is also a high-level shooter. This makes him the perfect complementary point guard and fit for Heat culture. Miami could offer some draft capital and an intriguing young player like Nikola Jovic and Kyle Lowry to make this deal work.

Milwaukee Bucks: Dorian Finney Smith

The Bucks’ bottom-half defense has been a point of criticism all season, especially considering their elite defense over the past five seasons. Milawukee’s wing and perimeter defense are the clear weak points. Those weaknesses would be detrimental in a series against the Celtics. Dorian Finney-Smith is a versatile defender who alleviates some of the Bucks’ defensive issues and provides the team with some additional spacing. Finney-Smith would also give the Bucks another possible starter and closer, making the team more versatile. It’s unclear what the asking price is for him, but the Bucks should do whatever it takes to land him or a player with a similar skill set.

New York Knicks: Malcolm Brogdon

After trading Immanuel Quickley, the Knicks could use a quality backup point guard. Malcolm Brogdon is the perfect trade candidate, as he would provide the Knicks with a steady playmaking and shooting presence. Furthermore, his skillset and size would allow him to play next to Jalen Brunson. The expiring contract of Evan Fournier, draft capital, and likely one other player would make this trade work. This move would perfectly round out the Knicks’ roster for now before they inevitably target a true star.

Orlando Magic: Bogdan Bogdanovic

The Magic are a great story this season and have one of the brightest futures in the league. But their offense and three-point shooting are weak points. Orlando ranks 22nd in offense, 27th in three-point attempts, and 27th in three-point percentage. I’m not opposed to remaining patient and keeping this core intact. However, the Magic will need to land a true knockdown shooter and floor spacer at some point. With the Hawks making Bogdan Bogdanovic available, this could be Orlando’s best chance to land a player with that desired skill set. Bogdanovic is in the midst of a career a year, so the asking price might be high, but the Magic have the assets to make the move. Ultimately, landing Bogdanovic could change Orlando’s playoff outlook and accelerate the timeline, making it worth the price.

Philadelphia 76ers: Jerami Grant

The 76ers have a ton of open cap space and tradable assets, allowing them to target a wide range of players at the deadline. Jerami Grant is one of the more intriguing and logical fits. Philadelphia could use an upgrade at the forward position, and Grant would fit in seemingly. Grant would give the 76ers another scoring option and floor spacer while playing high-level defense. Grant’s skill set perfectly compliments stars Joel Embiid and Tyrese Maxey. Adding Grant would bolster Philly’s chances of contending and could make them a nightmare playoff matchup.

Toronto Raptors: Jonathan Kuminga

Outside of the Pacers, the Warriors are one of the favorites to land Siakam. With Jonathan Kuminga expressing displeasure in his role with the Warriors, he could certainly be on the move. Kuminga is a young, versatile wing with plenty of upside, and his fit with Scottie Barnes is extremely intriguing. Landing Kuminga would give the Raptors an exciting young core. Of all the young players rumored to be involved in Siakam trades, Kuminga is the most productive and has the most upside, making him the perfect centerpiece for a Siakam deal.

Washington Wizards: Moses Moody

The Wizards aren’t trying to tank this year; that’s fine. So, it would make sense to target unhappy young players with some real upside at the deadline. Moses Moody has shown signs of being a productive two-way wing. But his development has taken a backseat with the Warriors in win-now mode. The Wizards would be the perfect opportunity for Moody to reach his full potential. Additionally, he could be available at a discount price since he is getting inconsistent minutes with the Warriors.


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