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Draymond Green Swings at Nurkic and Gets Suspended Indefinitely

Draymond Green ejected after punching Jusuf Nurkic,

It seems that Draymond Green can’t get out of the media spotlight. In this case, it is not a good thing. The 33-year-old Power Forward was ejected from Tuesday’s game against the Suns after taking a swing at Jusuf Nurkic. Since he has been ejected two other times just this season the NBA has decided to suspend Draymond Green indefinitely. This suspension takes into account Green’s repeated unnecessary violent history of unsportsmanlike acts. This is what Draymond had to say about what happened against the Suns.

Draymond Green Swings at Nurkic and Gets Suspended Indefinitely

Draymond Green on punching Nurkic:

I am not one to apologize for things I mean to do, but I do apologize to Jusuf because I didn’t intend to hit him,” Green said after the game. “I was just selling the call because he was grabbing me and pulling my hip, so I spun away and, unfortunately, I hit him.”

This has been Draymond Green’s third ejection this year. Take a look at the three ejections below.

Draymond Green’s 3 Ejections of the Season

Draymond’s first ejection came against the Cleveland Cavaliers. On November 11, Green was kicked out of the game after picking up two technical fouls. Warriors would end up losing the game 110-118 against the Cavs.

Then in the most dramatic fashion, he gets ejected again, this time against the Minnesota Timberwolves. In a fight that did not involve Green, he inserts himself into it by grabbing Rudy Gobert in a chokehold/headlock. Now I know that Green and Gobert do not like each other, that much is clear, but Green was out of pocket in this game. It started when Klay Thompson and Jaden McDaniels fought. It looked like Klay was grabbing onto McDaniels’ jersey and pulling on it first and then McDaniels escalated it by grabbing onto the same spot where Klay had him and pushing him. Then a fight broke out between the two and Gobert tried to separate them.

Green vs Gobert and Nurkic Incidents

Yes, when two players fight it is a no-brainer that you should grab your own teammate first not the opponent. However, you want to look at it Draymond had no right to put Gobert in a headlock for as long as he did. Gobert intended no harm to Klay. He just wanted to stop the fight but Green had to get involved. He took it as an opportunity to grab Gobert in a headlock. Wrong sport there Green. This is not the WWE. Warriors would end up losing the game to Timberwolves 101-104 in the NBA In-Season Tournament.

Then the latest incident happened in a 116-119 loss to the Phoenix Suns. This happened in the 3rd quarter. Nurkic was guarding Green and then Green swung back and hit Nurkic in the face. It was not an intense guard, it was not unnecessary roughness by Nurkic either. He was just guarding Green and Green decided to “sell” the call as he puts it and strike him in the face. Apart from saying he was selling the shot Green said he does not flop, he sells it. Which is pretty much the same thing.

Draymond Green Likely Outcomes

Green is suspended effective immediately after the incident with Nurkic, that much is clear. NBA officials also stated he will be required to meet certain league and team conditions before he returns to play for the Warriors. Green has a bad reputation for always playing dirty. Fans, players, and teammates alike need to stop defending him with the excuse “That’s just Draymond” and shrug it off. This is the NBA not wrestling, UFC, football, etc.

Green apart from these plays has also scratched a player in the face, hit a couple of players in the groin, stomped on a player’s ribs, and even swung at his own teammate. No one is safe with Draymond. It has always been a problem but this time it seems it is getting worse. He needs to get suspended for a minimum of 10-15 games. If he does come back and does it again, they should suspend him for the rest of the season. If that does not work, maybe there should be a talk about not letting him play in the NBA again. There are literally highlight reels and four-minute videos of all of Green’s dirty antics. That’s a huge red flag.

What Should the Warriors Do?

Warriors should consider maybe trading Green or letting him go. Yes, he has won four rings with him. He is a vital defending piece of Golden State. However, he is also the reason two players have left: Kevin Durant and Jordan Poole. KD was an important part of the Warriors team yet Green did not like him. Green and him had issues on and off the field. Green punched Poole and they kicked Poole out. Yes, Poole was talking trash to Green, but doesn’t Green do it too? Instead, Green was rewarded with a big contract not long after Poole left for the Wizards.

Draymond Green continues to get ejected from games too it has become more consistent. Not to mention Green has not been the same player. His value has decreased. He seems to have stopped worrying about defending much and more about playing dirty or talking on his podcast. Maybe it is time for Green to call it quits before another ejection happens. Warriors are set to face Clippers tonight and without their vital defensive team, it might not look so good for them.


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