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The Poole Party: Rating Jordan Poole’s Performance So Far

Nov 15, 2023; Washington, District of Columbia, USA; Washington Wizards guard Jordan Poole (13) shoots the ball over Dallas Mavericks guard Josh Green (8) in the third quarter at Capital One Arena. Mandatory Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

Now that the season is underway, evaluations can be made on a player’s current performance. One player under such a microscope is Wizards guard Jordan Poole. The score-first guard was traded to Washington from Golden State in hopes that he could tap into the potential he has shown flashes of. With almost a quarter of the season done, an evaluation of Poole’s performance is in order. Has the guard taken the next leap, or is he stagnating due to the increased responsibility?

The Poole Party: Rating Jordan Poole’s Performance So Far

On the surface, Jordan Poole’s performance has been well below expectations. The guard is currently averaging 16.3 points, 2.6 rebounds, and 3.3 assists on a paltry 50.4 true shooting percentage. For a player who is getting paid 32 million dollars a year on average, you would want more than a high-volume, low-efficiency scorer.

Poole is one of those players who need to score to impact the game positively, so the question that needs answering is why the guard is struggling to put the ball in the basket.

Jordan Poole’s Streaky Shooting

When you take a look at Jordan Poole’s shot chart, there isn’t a lot to praise. On one hand, the guard has shot above league-average from 3 at one spot (the center of the floor).

Unfortunately, that’s about the only spot on the floor he has shot well. The next area Poole shoots a lot from is the key area, and he shoots below average from there as well. These issues largely stem from Poole’s shot selection.

Poole is a key and three-player, an approach to scoring that has gained popularity in the modern era. This isn’t a bad thing inherently, but it can be if you aren’t efficient. Poole this season is a below-average rim scorer and well below-average three-point shooter. Combine this with a subpar ability to play off the ball and you get a lot of Wizards possessions ending with a Jordan Poole missed three or getting stuffed at the rim.

A quick dive into Poole’s shot diet is not encouraging. However, it gets even worse when you dive a bit deeper.

Building A House

Poole’s shot tendencies and percentages paint quite a depressing picture. Out of Poole’s 6.6 attempts from three, 4.2 are off of catch and shoots. The guard shoots 32.9 percent on these looks, not exactly what you want when you pass to somebody off a screen or handoff.

It gets worse when you look at the guard’s pull-up shooting. In 2.3 attempts, Poole is shooting a dismal 24.1 percent on pull-up threes. So when the Wizards run off-the-ball plays for Jordan Poole to get the ball and shoot, he can’t capitalize. But when you let him highjack the offense and take off-balance threes, it’s even worse.

Poole is a player that needs his three to go down because it makes up a lot of his shot diet. His inability to shoot the ball regardless of the situation is hampering his production more than anything else.

The Last Word

To put it bluntly, Jordan Poole is playing well below what you expect from a starting guard. He is not a player who plays defense at a high (or average) level, nor does he make many plays for others.

So, his value hinges almost entirely on his scoring ability, and he is not doing that well. You can only hope that the guard can get his shooting touch back, otherwise, this is going to be a very long season for Poole.


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