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Shaquille O’Neal Recreates Game 7 Energy in Latest Passion

Jul 8, 2023; Chicago, Illinois, USA; Shaquille O'Neal, AKA DJ Diesel, performs before the game between the San Diego Legion and the New England Free Jacks at Seat Geek Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Jamie Sabau-USA TODAY Sports

It’s hard to pinpoint what former Los Angeles Lakers Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal has not done. He is a movie star, a WWE wrestler, and now he has begun to accelerate his DJ career.

DJ Diesel knows how to keep a crowd hyped up, just as he did during his time with the Lakers. But being a DJ runs a bit deeper than most fans initially thought.

Shaquille O’Neal Recreates Game 7 Energy in Latest Passion

Are You Not Entertained? 

The lovable showmanship of Shaq starts with his fun energy and nose for entertainment. Whether dancing with Jabbawockeez at the 2019 NBA Awards or showing off his fancy inventions, all cameras remain on Shaq.

Of course, he isn’t just an entertainer but also a bonafide businessman. In 2023 Shaq’s net worth is estimated to be around $400 million.

With all the money he could ever ask for, some would think he’d stay home and be with his kids. Of course, those people don’t know the love Shaq is still looking to give to the electric dance music community.

With this much love, Shaq’s used his entrepreneurial and businessman spirit to create his own festival. One that will surely attract fans from all over the world. Last month, DJ Diesel announced his bass festival, “Shaq’s Bass All Stars: Festival,” taking place on September 16th in Texas.

Chasing the Energy of Game 7

With money not being the main reason for entertaining, why else would Shaq continue to work for a living? Although fans won’t see him break any more backboards in his career, he still looks to chase the same feelings he would get in the most pivotal moments of his NBA career.

“I don’t DJ for the money. I DJ to replace the Game 7 energy that I can’t seem to replicate anywhere else besides at music festivals,” Shaq told Billboard.

The energy from his monumental basketball moments from four game sevens (two with the Lakers) is translated into his music career. Shaq will soon feel the Kobe Bryant game-seven lob against the Portland Trail Blazers energy he’s been dying to feel.

Shaq can probably agree that being under the bright lights of a game seven is far more stress-inducing than being a DJ at giant festivals. However, Shaq still loves the energy from the crowd he’s been used to for his entire life and does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.

The Last Word on Shaquille O’Neal’s DJ Career

Whether you love or hate Shaq, there’s no arguing that he loves going out and having fun like a big kid. While the NBA game seven moments remain a thing of the past, in such an illustrious basketball career, you can’t help but think of those great times.

More notable moments will come as Shaq makes an impact as a dubstep DJ. He will undoubtedly go down as the biggest the industry has ever seen.


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