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Lebron James Leaves NBA Greats Behind As He Smashes Records

Lebron James smashes it again. The Los Angeles Lakers star player moved up the pecking order in two categories of the NBA’s all-time records on Tuesday. James moved within striking distance of the NBA’s all-time scoring title while also smashing fifth place on the all-time assist list to stand at fourth.

Lebron James Leaves NBA Greats Behind As He Smashes Records

Leaving the Greatest Behind

The Lakers hitman entered the game trailing Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: the all-time scoring leader in the NBA, by 117 points. After a five-star personal performance in the contest, James now pushes closer.

His 28-point contribution was vital in seeing the Lakers come on top with a 129-123 win against the New York Knicks in overtime. He was equally impressive with assists, leaving behind a pair of point-guard greats on the all-time assists chart.

James Does It Again

The point guards, Mark Jackson and Steve Nash had both before Tuesday occupied the fifth position on the assists list. While Jackson led James by seven assists, Nash topped by eight points. 

At the final whistle, the Lakers’ main man did it again, toppling both men, having entered the game with 10,327 assists. He is now on the case to drop Abdul-Jabbar from the peak of the scoring list, and it looked inevitable with seven games to go. 

Nba’s All-Time Scoring Record Is Now on the Line

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s long-standing record may, in fact, take a bow as early as next Tuesday, February 7. The legend himself has seen it coming but promises not to be “Salty Like Wilt Chamberlain After the King Surpasses 38,387 Points.”

The Lakers will return home next Tuesday after a five-game road trip, which would give James the opportunity to continue his record-smashing campaign.

Lebron James’ Milestones in Brief

He’s now the first NBA player to record a triple-double in his 20th season.

Stating his massive records in full, James is 35th in rebounds, 10th all-time in steals, fifth in triple-doubles, and tied for 27th for most championship rings.

Is James the Greatest Ever? 

Arguably, James could be seen as one of the greatest who graced the game. Lebron James has an all-around game. 

The most apparent reason for  LeBron’s excellence is his athleticism. He is arguably the greatest athlete of all time in any sport. What, specifically, does LeBron James do better than other basketball players?

He can drive, pass, shoot, defend, and rebound. And do all these things superbly. His basketball IQ is off the charts, and he has a HUGE impact on his teammates, whether it is on offense or defense. He makes others around him better when he’s on their team. Lebron James is a freak of nature

In his prime, he was 6’9” and 275 lbs with a 40–44 inch vertical leap. He was also quite possibly the fastest player in the league, to boot. But the one skill LeBron has that sets him apart is his passing. LeBron’s accuracy and velocity on passes are insane. His vision is among the best of all time.


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