Stephen Curry Predicted on the Top Ten in Points Per Game for the 2022-2023 NBA Season

Experts outlined the method for predicting how the top ten players will fare in the next season. As a result, they also foresee Stephen Curry predicted on the top ten in points per game for the 2022-2023 NBA season. The Golden State Warriors will have their top scorer lead them to another Championship title.

Stephen Curry Predicted on the Top Ten in Points Per Game for the 2022-2023 NBA Season

Each team in the NBA has its top point maker that leads them to win their matches. Statistics are gathered from previous performances where predictions of the best scorers of the season are made. Other factors to consider in the forecast include health, age, teamwork, well-being, peer chemistry, personal relationships, and sufficient management compensation and incentives.

These factors will stimulate greater output. As a result, the system will propel the players’ productivity which includes points production.

The Top Ten NBA Players Predicted in Point Production this Season

10.     Devin Booker – Phoenix Suns

PG Devin Booker scored 27.3 points per game in the last postseason. Booker is only 25 years old and is a three-time NBA All-Star. For instance, he led Phoenix to a best 64-game finish in the regular season last year. He will be on the top with his smooth-style offense for more years to come.

9.     Ja Morant – Memphis Grizzlies

PG Ja Morant is one of the lethal scorers of today’s NBA players. Morant is in the 9th spot scoring 30.2 points in the last season. His scoring ability makes him a nightmare to opponents; furthermore, he is only 23 years old and at his peak in the league. He still needs to improve his 3-point shooting process at 34.4% last season.

8.     Kevin Durant – Brooklyn Nets

PF Kevin Durant sparked intrigue with Nets management to fire out Coach Steve Nash and GM Sean Marks last summer. Durant was in the fifth spot in point-making last season. Despite missing a chunk of the games due to a knee injury, he managed to land in the top 10 last year. The 34-year-old still got what it takes to land in the top ten this year.

7.    Jayson Tatum – Boston Celtics

SF Jayson Tatum is at his peak at 26 years old and is primed for the top 10 spots this season. Tatum played 76 games and delivered 26.9 ppg for the Boston Celtics, placing him at 13th place last year. He just came off from his first All-Star performance and is the Eastern Conference MVP.

6.    LeBron James – Los Angeles Lakers

SF LeBron James is on his 20th season. He redefined the notion of age getting into his game by scoring an unprecedented 30.3 ppg after 19 seasons in the NBA. At 37 years old, James declared himself in full health and should not be taken off the list of the top 10 players to deliver this season.

5.    Stephen Curry – Golden State Warriors

PG Stephen Curry earned his coveted MVP last year. Most importantly, that honor was the missing feather in his cap. Curry is one of the sport’s all-time best after leading the Golden State Warriors to their fourth NBA Title last season. He was in 16th place in ppg last season but after leading his team to the Championship Title, there is no reason that he could not be number one in the points per game category. The reigning MVP will turn 35 before the end of the regular season. He is fit to be on the top of the list.

4.     Joel Embiid – Philadelphia 76ers

Center Joel Embiid had two narrow second-place MVP voting finishes behind Nikola Jokic of the Denver Nuggets. Embiid placed third in ppg at 30.6 last season to lead the 76ers. In addition, the feat is the first time a center led the league in scoring since Shaq in 1999-2000. Also, it is the first time a center averaged over 30 ppg since Moses Malone in 1981-1982. Embiid could take the top spot in ppg if his health allows with the Philadelphia 76ers cast behind him.

3.    Luka Doncic – Dallas Mavericks

SF Luka Doncic is a dominant force in the NBA. In addition to his status, he is the best offensive weapon in an arsenal of NBA teams. Evidently, he dismantled the top-seeded Sun’s fortified defenses single-handedly in Game 7 of their playoff round. Doncic matched Phoenix’s scoring output in the first half of that match and led the Dallas Mavericks into the next round. The 23-year-old Slovenian placed 6th at 28.4 ppg last year and will be a top contender this season in point production.

2.     Nikola Jokic – Center

Center Nikola Jokic was last year’s MVP. He led his team with 31.0 ppg, 13.2 rebounds, and 5.8 assists per game last year. Despite these figures, the Denver Nuggets were no match to the cruising Golden State Warriors. Plus, Jamal Murray and Michael Porter Jr suffered injuries that sidelined them for the rest of the playoff season. But with these two key players back, Jokic’s scoring output might be affected. Jokic is ripe at 27 years old. He’ll be staying for a while in the top 10 players predicted to deliver points this season.

1.    Giannis Antetokounmpo – Milwaukee Bucks

PF Giannis Antetokounmpo made 29.9 ppg last year, third in the NBA, and an imposing force for other teams to face. At age 28, The Greek Freak collected numerous accolades in addition to his very colorful career. The Milwaukee Bucks earned a second-round run up to the 7th game against the Boston Celtics in the second round, despite the absence of a key player in Khris Middleton. Antetokounmpo is not a passer, which could be the reason why he’ll get the most ppg accolades this year.

There you have it. The race will be a tough one among the NBA players to top this season in points per game. Choose your favorite point maker.