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Big Ten All Conference Team 22-23

Big Ten Tournament


With College Basketball practices kicking off, it’s only fair to begin looking toward the season.

Although the teams in the Big Ten are weaker than in most years, the Big Ten is still loaded with star players who are bound to make an impact on the country. With guys who are household names and under-the-radars, the talent pool in the conference is fruitful and ready to prove people wrong. With that, let’s take a look at my projected first-team All-Conference for this upcoming season.

Big Ten All-Conference Team 22-23

First Team

Terrance Shannon, Illinois F

Once Jarett Culver left the Texas Tech program, Terrance Shannon Jr was tabbed as the next elite forward prospect out of Lubbock, for good reason. He was elite at getting to the basket and possessed a next-level feel for the game. Shannon was inching towards a superstar breakout as in his last fully healthy season he averaged 13 PPG.  However, injuries and coaching switches affected Shannon’s development as now senior Shannon now finds himself in Champaign. But, this fit is much better for Shannon than his stint in Lubbock.

Shannon will have full keys to the offense with Trent Frazier, Alfonso Plummer, and Kofi Cockburn all gone. Brad Underwood over the years has shown that he is an elite talent developer and Shannon is set to be another student. With his two-way ability and natural feel for the game, I see Shannon being a game changer in Champaign. With a core full of shooters on the roster, Shannon can showcase his skills while also being surrounded by a solid supporting cast that will take the weight off his shoulders when needed. Shannon has high expectations that he should be able to fulfill this next season.

Kris Murray, Iowa F

People will look at Iowa Junior Forward Kris Murray and immediately be reminded of his superstar older brother Keegan Murray. However, Kris is not just some younger brother who is only on the squad because of what his brother did, Kris Murray is a baller.

Murray possesses elite defensive ability, especially at the rim. Averaging nearly a block a game, Murray showed how versatile of a defender he was by guarding both the perimeter and the rim. Murray was a great shooter as well as knocked down nearly 40% of his shots beyond the arc on 3 attempts per game. The tools are there for an All Conference season it just lies on Murray to use them.

With Keegan Murray gone, the door is wide open for a Hawkeye to be the new face of the team. And right now, all odds point at Kris Murray. In Fran McCaffery’s fast-paced scoring over defense game plan, Murray is going to see a lot of looks and those looks should pump out into the all-Conference season.

Trayce Jackson Davis, Indiana C

The Big Tens longest tenured superstar is senior Trayce Jackson-Davis. Jackson-Davis has dominated the conference every since he put on Indiana red for the first time.

Last season, Jackson-Davis averaged 18 and 10 on high efficiency while also being everywhere on the court. Jackson-Davis can defend the rim while also possessing the athleticism to be down the court before the blink of an eye. He is constantly in the mix on every play whether he is fighting for a board or posting up an unlucky defender down into the baseline. He is one of the most heralded players in the country for good reason.

With Indiana potentially having their best roster in years, it will allow for Jackson-Davis to not get as much attention in prior years thus leading to more dominance by number 23. Jackson-Davis is not only an All-Conference guy, but he is also an All-American.

Hunter Dickinson, Michigan C

The Junior from Michigan in Hunter Dickinson is easily one of the most recognizable guys in the conference but his dominance on the hardwood has become underrated. Dickinson broke out onto the scene fast immediately being one of the most dominant defensive players in the country helping Michigan to one of their best seasons in recent memory. However last season, his name began to fade from college basketball circles. This is mos in part of Michigan’s lackluster campaign last year but Dickinson had silently become a much better player.

Dickinson quietly developed a three-point shot when no one was watching. From shooting nearly 0 three-pointer per game his freshman year, Dickinson’s three-point attempts rose as he took nearly 2 three-pointers per night at a 32% clip. Dickinson maintained that elite defensive ability while also becoming a much better post player as well. Dickinson’s PPG rose by 4 points as he was nearing the 19 PPG mark by the end of his campaign last year. For a program that is constantly on prime-time TV, the lack of attention put towards Dickinson’s improvement was simply shocking. However, that will change this season.

Similar to Trayce Jackson-Davis, Dickinson’s team improved from last year and due to this the attention will be off Dickinson and pointed towards their new additions on the team. With Michigan gearing up for a Big Ten title run, Dickinson has to play like the All-American center that Wolverine fans have been looking for since his DeMatha days.

Zach Edey, Purdue C

Rounding out this list is the 7’4 Junior beast in Zach Edey. Edey gets jaws to the floor the second people look at his 7’4 295 LBS frame. However, where the jaws can drop is what he can do with the basketball in his hands.

Edey can take the ball from anywhere in the low post and make the defender regret coming out for that day. Edey as the third option on one of the best teams in Purdue’s history averaged 14 PPG and 7 RPG. All the while playing 19 minutes per game. While the 19 minutes per game is frightening to some people. Edey has noticeably slimmed down and became the man of the front court with Trevion Williams leaving the program.

Edey can shut down the paint just due to his frame. For a guy his size, Edey moves around quite fluidly and doesn’t look like a big stiff when commanding the circle. Edey is one of the more lose 7’4 guys you will ever see (if you even see many). With Trevion Williams and Jaden Ivey went from the program, Purdue becomes Zach Edey’s team. Edey is set to become another star Purdue big man and a legend in the Big Ten.


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