Philadelphia 76ers: Two Trades to Consider

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The Philadelphia 76ers will likely have to look into trades this offseason to have a concrete status as a championship contender next season. Of course, their roster construction will largely depend on what happens with James Harden this offseason. Nevertheless, Philadelphia has work to do after falling to the Miami Heat in the playoffs.

Philadelphia 76ers: Two Trades to Consider

Adding Talent and Depth

Philadelphia 76ers receive Harrison Barnes, Richaun Holmes, and Maurice Harkless.

Sacramento Kings receive Tobias Harris, Jaden Springer, and a future first-round pick.

The Harris contract is a big one and one that Philadelphia should look to rid themselves of. This deal improves the team while shedding future salaries.

Barnes averaged about 16 points and six rebounds last season. He’s vastly experienced and a terrific scorer, especially in a third or fourth role which he’ll likely have in Philadelphia. His shooting splits have always been solid, and he’ll be a major asset to the 76ers. Barnes is 30-years-old and still has a couple of years of strong play left.

The team’s complete lack of center depth is shown when Joel Embiid isn’t playing. Holmes will be a terrific option. He can start for many teams around the league, but backing up an elite center like Embiid is a great move as well. Holmes is a threat on both ends of the floor. Philadelphia also gets a possible rotational piece in Harkless.

Sacramento is desperate for a playoff bid, so they take on the Harris contract. He can definitely be a solid third option for a team, which is what he’d be in Sacramento. Averaging 20 points per game isn’t out of reach. Springer is a former first-round pick, then Sacramento also gets a future pick due to take on the Harris contract.

Straight Swap

Philadelphia 76ers receive Naz Reid (sign-and-trade).

Minnesota Timberwolves receive Danny Green.

As stated earlier, the 76ers look terrible without Embiid. He’ll always be missed when he’s off the court, but the roster has virtually no one to put in his place. This is where impending free agent Reid comes into place. Last season he averaged about eight points, four rebounds, and a block per game. In addition, Reid can stretch the floor to an extent. He shot just over 34 percent from deep last season.

Due to his impending free agency, Reid will have to be brought in through sign-and-trade. Philadelphia must look into this, as Reid’s fit is pretty clear. He won’t dazzle anyone and will never start over Embiid, but he’ll be a very solid bench choice to provide relief for Philadelphia’s superstar.

The Timberwolves get a veteran in Green here. Adding a veteran in Patrick Beverley helped this team immensely, so it would be no surprise to see the Timberwolves target more. If Reid opts to leave, Minnesota should look to get something for him.

Green fits into the rotation, or just about any in the league, due to his perimeter defense and three-point shooting. His leadership skills alongside Beverley will prove to be great for the Timberwolves.