Three Best Trade Scenarios For Mike Conley Jr.

Mike Conley Jr
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The 2022 playoffs have shown us that the NBA continues to be unpredictable as ever. But even with the Utah Jazz not in the playoffs, their movements continue to be a topic of discussion. Another first-round loss has once again begun questions about the team. Will there be changes this time? It started on June 5th, as head coach Quin Snyder resigned in a shocking move. A coach who improved the team from 25 to 38 wins in his rookie season, it became apparent Snyder was there for the long run. Fast forward, fans are now thanking him for his 8 years of service. But what will be the next domino to fall in Salt Lake City? Many consider this is the breaking point to trading Donovan Mitchell. Others consider Mitchell the leader of the team, and Rudy Gobert to be the trade chip. Then there are those who have not let go of one of the biggest shocks during the playoff series with the Dallas MavericksĀ for Mike Conley Jr. Regardless of his near-perfect free-throw shooting, Utah fans have called for his trade after one turnover that proved costly to the Jazz season.

So why not see what could be possible? Here are the three best trade scenarios for Mikey Conley Jr.

Three Best Trade Scenarios For Mike Conley Jr.

Cleveland Cavaliers

In 2019, Conley’s trade to the Utah Jazz came exactly what they were missing. But with new schemes and coaching incoming, could the 12-year veteran be better used elsewhere? Enter the Cleveland Cavaliers who, like the Jazz in 2019, are in need of more veteran presence. While Kevin Love stands to be the experienced leader, having that lead on-court coach was missing during the Cavaliers’ shocking run this season. Even with their big man lineup and the All-Star emergence of Jarrett Allen and Darius Garland, Cleveland could be one piece away.

The idea could be using the youth that Cleveland has stocked with, Caris Levert for example, and trade for the savvy guard. For the Jazz, you move your star in Mitchell to where he can most prosper, as the starting point. With the dynamic Levert who can show flashes of what he became in Brooklyn and you have a one-two punch. For Cleveland, Conley easily becomes what Chris Paul has turned the Phoenix Suns into, a contender. Having a double-digit averaging point guard lead alongside your youth moment cannot hurt. This includes running Garland at shooting guard and creating a very scary lob threat out of all the big men. This could be a rare win-win for both sides.

Los Angeles Clippers

Going into the season knowing star Kawhi Leonard will miss the entire season, it was the test the Clippers were up to. First, they acquired a key piece to their future in Brandon Boston. Then traded the boisterous Patrick Beverly to add scoring punch in Eric Bledsoe. This then turned into another trade which gained them 3-and-D wing Robert Covington and microwave scorer Normal Powell. While this seems much for just a Play-In Tournament exit, the transactions prepared for what was next. Use Reggie Jackson‘s sudden break out in the playoffs as a way to entice Utah to make the trade.


For the Jazz, it fully becomes Mitchell’s team to run at the point. Running Jackson alongside him may not be ideal, Reggie easily can slide to the point during Mitchell’s rest times. How can you say no to 16 points per game player who has shown the ability to take over? For the Clippers, you add a playoff experience that was lacking throughout the Play-In Tournament. One flub aside, I rather trust a guard in Conley who only averages 1.7 turnovers per game on a 13 turnovers-a-game team. Throw in the fact that Conley can give you 80% at the line, and you have a player on a team focused on getting the freebies. There is room to improve with the changes on both sides but the value is there for it to be considered.

The New York Knicks

It seems like a reoccurring theme for the New York Knicks to end up on these articles. With controversy from top to bottom, the Knicks continue to be the talk of New York. One of those reasons is the constant reminder that this team is in need of a point guard. After the Kemba Walker experiment failed, every guard has become linked to this team. However, it may not be the fans would consider at first. Rumors aside, there will be a need within the Utah Jazz front office to keep Donovan Mitchell. That might not be what Knicks fans want to hear from a player who supports their baseball teams. However, that doesn’t mean the team could not hurt to do business with Mitchell’s home team.

For the Knicks, this is simple. You gain every upgrade in a player who has been statistically better than the last 5 guards who’ve played starting. Conley provides the perfect setup man for RJ Barrett‘s increased percentage from 3-point, makes Obi Toppin even more of the threat from the air, and becomes the ideal mentor for Immanuel Quickley. For the Jazz, it is also simple. Adding Julius Randle to this team supplements in multiple ways. Outside of the first nightly double-double threat outside of Gobert, Randle becomes the second option. Even with other possible trade scenarios in play, Randle can become a much-needed addition. Plus, his flight back to his hometown of Dallas becomes a lot cheaper.

No matter what happens next, once again this becomes the Utah Jazz’s biggest off-season. Who will take the helm next as head coach? Will they trade one of their star players? It will be best for this team to consider all options going into next season.