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Dyson Daniels 2022 NBA Draft Profile

Despite hailing from Australia, Dyson Daniels played this past season as a member of the G-League Ignite team. He has gotten significant minutes in this system, starting in all of the 29 games played this season. The 6″7-19-year-old has already declared for the draft and has hired agents Daniel Moldovan and Alex Saratsis.

Dyson Daniels 2022 NBA Draft Profile

Pre-NBA Career

Daniels played this past season as a member of the G-League Ignite team, averaging 11.6 points on 45.3% shooting. While Daniels was a consistent starter, his impact was not limited to his ability to put the ball in the basket. Daniels averaged 4.7 assists, 6.8 rebounds, and two steals per game this season.

However, Daniels’ professional experience does not originate from the G-League. He is a member of the Australian U-19 team and has had many impressive performances as a member of that team. Daniels averages similar numbers, with 14 points, 5.3 rebounds, and 4.6 assists per game. He also tacks on 2.4 steals per game, a number that is especially impressive at the international level.


Just by looking at his stats, it is clear that Daniels will be an exceptional defender, even after making the jump to the NBA. His ability to steal the ball will be highly valued at the next level. Daniels is also expected to be a first-round pick due to his ability to pass the ball.

He is one of the smartest players in this draft, which has been highlighted by his ability to perform at the international level. Daniels may not average the same high number of assists as he did before the NBA, but there is no question that he will be a top passer to come from this rookie class.

He is also incredible on the glass, especially for a point guard. His ability to rebound the ball is valuable, and an attribute that teams will scout for come draft time. Point guards who hustle as much as he does are rare, meaning no team will overlook this aspect of his game when considering him.


One of the perks of selecting Daniels is that his game has very few holes. However, his game certainly has areas for improvement. While Daniels is a threat from beyond the arc, his conversion rate is low. Daniels made 30 of the 100 threes he took this season. While he may have averaged over one made three-pointer a game, he two nearly three and a half per game.

Daniels also was mediocre from the free-throw line. In the G-League, he shot a measly 24-45 from the stripe. This is a legitimate cause for concern, considering that free throws are often an indicator of how well a player will shoot in the NBA.

NBA Comparison: Josh Giddey

Both Daniels and Giddey have a lot in common, in regards to their path to the NBA, as well as their skillset. Both Australians came in as polished all-around players, who knew how to facilitate from the point guard position. They each also have large frames for their position, which help them grab rebounds more easily than others.

Additionally, they both have experience playing in professional settings, something that has helped Giddey’s transition into the NBA. If Daniels’ rookie plays out similarly to that of Giddey’s, then the team who drafts him will be in for a treat.

Draft Projection

Late Lottery/Middle First Round.


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