NBA Dunk Contest Participants We Want to See

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The 2022 All-Star Weekend concluded with a fantastic All-Star game. Before that, however, many may argue that the other events were low on excitement. This is particularly true for the NBA Dunk Contest, won by Obi Toppin. It was largely underwhelming, and the NBA must look into ways to bring in more excitement to one of the most anticipated All-Star events. For starters, the league must attempt to bring in some of the more exciting names.

NBA Dunk Contest Participants We Want to See

Backcourt Options

The dunk content often focuses on the “smaller” NBA players, as their verticals must be higher than others, while they also have typically shorter wingspans. With that being said, there’s plenty of explosiveness in this field.

The first name has to be Ja Morant. Whether he’s slamming in unbelievable dunks or making amazing blocking plays on defense, Morant is constantly flying around the court. Watching just one Memphis Grizzlies game is enough evidence of this. Morant was also throwing in some of the more exciting dunks in the All-Star game. His participation makes the competition must-watch TV.

Zach LaVine is another name, especially due to his amazing showing in the 2016 version of the contest. Fans constantly reminisce about that, so LaVine will bring in attention with ease.

Anthony Edwards is another star the fans will want to see. He throws down powerful dunks with the Minnesota Timberwolves, including a variety of skills, a leaping vertical, and posterizations.

Frontcourt Options

Giannis Antetokounmpo is not only one of the best overall players in the league, but one of the most powerful dunkers. His sheer power creates dazzling dunks on their own. The “Greek Freak” is also one of the most athletic players in recent memory, so it’s even difficult to imagine what kind of dunks he’ll produce. It’s also safe to stay he’ll already be present during the weekend as an All-Star.

The 2016 content was mentioned earlier with LaVine. It cannot be forgotten that he dueled versus Aaron Gordon. Fans will want to see Gordon in the contest for the same reasons they’d want to see LaVine. Watching the two compete once again will create another match-up for the ages.

Considering he’s healthy, which is now a big ifZion Williamson is must-watch TV. His Duke highlights show his insane dunking, and he showed flashes of this as well early on in his New Orleans Pelicans career. Considering appearances on the court have been slim for Williamson, he may be enticed into participating as a sort of “remember me” shout-out to the league.

Lastly, there’s Miles Bridges. He’s emerging as a legitimate star on the Charlotte Hornets and is constantly posterizing opposing defenders. His dunking highlight reel will only grow game-by-game on the explosive Hornets offense, which will surely be enough to have him included in the contest.

All in all, the league’s biggest names attract more viewers. The NBA will have to find a way to get the players to say yes, but they’re aware that the NBA dunk contest needs help.

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