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2,974 Threes and Counting – Stephen Curry

It’s been almost a week now since Stephen Curry broke Ray Allen’s all-time three-point record. Since then, I’ve been trying hard to find the right words to appropriately capture the significance of the moment. A way of apprehending what Curry has meant to the game of basketball in general, as well as to Warrior fans across the land.

It finally dawned on me that a simple thank you would suffice. 2,974 three-pointers and counting. Many of us have been there for the ride since the very beginning, bearing witness to almost every single splash. It’s been memorable viewing.

2,974 Threes and Counting

History at the Garden

 The record-breaker was a trademark Curry three – one that we’ve seen many a time before. It was fitting that the greatest shooter ever, would make history by connecting on a tough, contested shot made to look routinely effortless.

Back-pedaling toward the three-point line with a defender draped all over him, Curry in rhythm – threw up a high-arching shot over the outstretched arm of defender Alec Burks.

As the ball sailed towards the basket, the Madison Square Garden crowd held onto the edge of their seats,  ready to erupt.

Splash. Nothing but net. Three-pointer number 2,974 sent the Garden into a frenzy. History made in basketball’s most historic arena. An arena that was now showering Curry with love and appreciation. The contest was merely five minutes old, but the night had swiftly become a celebration of the man who has changed the game. A coronation for the three-point king, who now stood alone at the top.

An outpouring of emotion from Curry himself soon followed. Sharing prolonged hugs with teammate, Draymond Green, and coach, Steve Kerr, before finally handing over the record-breaking basketball to his father, Dell Curry, and embracing the man whose feat he’d just eclipsed, Ray Allen.

Stephen Curry – The Greatest Shooter Ever

Curry’s game is predicated on trying and executing absurd things that would most likely end in ridicule for anyone else in the history of the game. Things that would get you benched for just thinking about ten years ago. He curls around screens at full speed and without even setting his feet, and with a defender on his tail, he shoots. In transition, he pulls up from thirty feet with 20-seconds left on the shot clock and just lets it fly. How often he makes those shots is the stuff of legend. Curry to the three-pointer is what Michael Jordan was to the dunk, and what Magic Johnson was to the assist. The greatest to ever do it.

Anticipation swirled as we watched the closing stages of Curry’s pursuit of the record through the week prior. Even when he was still 16 threes shy of the mark, we were wondering, could this possibly be the night?  We should’ve known that the basketball gods had pre-ordained that Curry would break the record in New York. This was the script all along.

With only two threes needed against the Knicks, the stage was set. Ticket prices skyrocketed overnight – $800 becoming the price of admission to see history from the nosebleeds. It allowed for Allen to be in the building, ready to pass on the torch, Reggie Miller to be on the call, and his parents to be in attendance. Madison Square Garden, the mecca of basketball, is the most appropriate place to celebrate a historic basketball moment.

And what a special moment it was. Last Tuesday night was a celebration of the man who changed the game. A toast from the NBA community to the igniter of the three-point revolution, who now fittingly wears the crown. 2,974 and counting. Thank you, Steph.

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