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NBA Rumors: Kyle Lowry is a Hot Commodity

Once again, Masai Ujiri has worked his magic. When the trade deadline passed without Kyle Lowry being moved, it was viewed as a major loss. However, all the teams that decided to not pull the trigger on the Lowry trade were victims of early exits. With numerous teams looking for that one extra piece to support existing systems, Lowry is viewed as the perfect piece for numerous franchises. Now, the Toronto Raptors have a myriad of options. Lowry has made it clear that his number one priority this offseason is getting paid. The best way for that to happen is through a sign-and-trade. So, with NBA Rumors swirling, here are the interested teams and some potential packages.

NBA Rumors: Kyle Lowry is a Hot Commodity

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks are the latest entrant into the Lowry sweepstakes. According to recent reports, following the elimination of the Mavericks at the hands of the Los Angeles Clippers, the organization is looking to make changes. With Jason Kidd on his way in as coach and still no GM after the departures of Rick Carlisle and Donnie Nelson, Dallas has shown that they’re not afraid to make big moves. Furthermore, with Kristaps Porzingis disappointing in the playoffs, Dallas will most likely be on the hunt for a reliable secondary option this summer. Moreover, Toronto has been searching for someone to fill the big man spot that has been vacant this past year.  With that being said, here’s a potential sign-and-trade that could send Lowry to Dallas.

Toronto Receives: Kristaps Porzingis, 2022 First-Round Pick via Dallas

Dallas Receives: Kyle Lowry, Aron Baynes, 2021 Second-Round Pick (47th Overall)

Los Angeles Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers nearly got Lowry at the trade deadline. There was just one piece that couldn’t be agreed upon; Talen Horton-Tucker. Toronto wanted him and Los Angeles was unwilling to give him up. The Lakers would wind up being a play-in team. After securing the 7th seed, Los Angeles was eliminated in six games. Safe to say, the frustration was palpable from Lakers. Especially from LeBron James. Going into the offseason, the only players certainly returning to the Lakers next year are LeBron and Anthony Davis. With the underwhelming performances of Dennis Schroder, Andre Drummond, and Kyle Kuzma fueling the fire of the Lakers fan base, moves will be made. With the Lakers interested in Lowry, Toronto could walk away with a deal from Los Angeles that they are very pleased with. Therefore, here’s a package that could see Lowry head to Los Angeles.

Toronto Receives: Dennis Schroder, Montrezl Harrell, Talen Horton-Tucker, 2026 First-Round Pick via Los Angeles

Los Angeles Receives: Kyle Lowry

Miami Heat

The Miami Heat were another team that was close to Lowry on deadline day. The piece that halted the deal was Tyler Herro. Miami tried to offer up Duncan Robinson instead, but Toronto wasn’t interested. Miami would end up acquiring Victor Oladipo instead of Lowry. While Oladipo was good when did play, he still suffered from injuries. Those same injuries prevented him from playing at all in the playoffs. Miami would put up a disappointing effort against the Milwaukee Bucks. The team that made it all the way to the finals, swept in the first round, with Goran Dragic being their leading scorer with just 16 points per game. Jimmy Butler was underwhelming, to say the least. A change is desperately needed for the Heat. With Lowry being friends with Butler, he could be exactly what is needed. Here’s a deal that could send Lowry to South Beach.

Toronto Receives: Victor Oladipo, Kendrick Nunn, Precious Achiuwa, 2024 First-Round Pick via Miami

Miami Receives: Kyle Lowry

Philadelphia 76ers

The Philadelphia 76ers were the final of the three teams that nearly acquired Lowry at the deadline. Ultimately, the 76ers were unwilling to give up the assets that Toronto was asking for. After finishing the regular season as the first seed in the Eastern Conference, it looked like Philadelphia made the right call. However, Philadelphia got eliminated in the Conference Semi-Finals against the Atlanta Hawks. Ben Simmons receiving the majority of the criticism from the fans and media alike. With the majority of the criticism aimed towards Simmons’s shooting and mental toughness. Philadelphia is still looking for a point guard that can lead, and Lowry fits that perfectly.  Philadelphia announced their intentions to pursue Lowry in the offseason. However, more current reports say they may hold out for a bigger star. With all that considered, here’s a package that could send Lowry home to Philadelphia.

Toronto Receives: Ben Simmons, Matisse Thybulle

Philadelphia Receives: Kyle Lowry, Jalen Harris, 2022 First-Round Pick via Toronto

What do these NBA Rumors mean for the Toronto Raptors?

Toronto has a multitude of options heading into the offseason. With their jump during the draft lottery from 7th to 4th, Toronto can take their offseason in any number of directions. With Lowry almost certainly out the door, the assets that Toronto could acquire paired with a top-4 prospect could have them contending again within the next few years. The Raptors also have the option of trading up, trading down, or trading the pick away altogether while moving some of their current pieces. NBA Rumors have followed Lowry around for years, this offseason could finally see those rumors come to fruition. With the caliber of Toronto’s front office, this offseason will be a turning point for the franchise.

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