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The Boston Celtics Need a Good Offseason

Boston Celtics offseason changes

After a disappointing regular season, where the Boston Celtics finished in 7th place, they were eliminated by the Brooklyn Nets in the first round. The whole postseason consisted of Jayson Tatum carrying the Celtics offense. Not having Jaylen Brown was a big loss, but it was obvious that even with him the Celtics couldn’t compete with the Nets. With Danny Ainge retiring and Brad Stevens moving to the front office, the Boston Celtics offseason is crucial.

The Celtics Need a Good Offseason

Kemba Walker

The first move that Brad Stevens needs to make is to trade Kemba Walker. Walker has been a shell of himself since being acquired from the Charlotte Hornets two years ago. He has played 56 and 43 games in his two seasons with the Celtics, a concerning trend. The issue has been knee problems, something that will not be going away at age 31. At six feet tall, he’s a liability on defense, and his offense, which they signed him for, has not been there. Walker recently averaged 16.8 points per game in the series against the Nets. Walker is making 36 million next year and he has a 37.6 million player option for 2022-23. Brad Stevens needs to make some calls and offer draft picks as an incentive to take on Walker’s massive contract. Until he gets moved, the Celtics will have limited cap space.

Head Coach

Another big decision that the Celtics need to make is to hire a new head coach. Some names that have been floated around are Jason Kidd, Sam Cassell, Chauncey Billups, and Lloyd Pierce. However, the best candidate seems to be Sam Cassell. He has plenty of experience as an assistant coach (11 seasons) and was on the 2007-08 Celtic team that won the championship. Whoever the Celtics hire, it needs to be someone that they see as a long-term solution. The Celtics have only had two coaches since 2004 (Doc Rivers and Brad Stevens) and they don’t want to become a franchise that has a revolving door at the coaching position. It would also be in their best interest to get Jayson Tatum’s input since they should want to keep him happy.

Moves They Could Make

The best course of action that the Celtics could make is to try and trade for another star player. They could also sign somebody in free agency, but the 2021 free-agent class is underwhelming. They need to start calling teams with disgruntled stars and see what it would take to acquire them. Getting in the Damian Lillard sweepstakes would be a start. Karl-Anthony Towns could be another home run move as he could become the franchise center that the Celtics lack. Whatever the Celtics decide to do, it needs to be bold. They have an all-time talent in Jayson Tatum, and they should do everything in their power to give him the help that he needs.

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