NBA Rumors: The New York Knicks Are a Destination for Stars Again

NBA Rumors continue to fly, regardless of the time of year. This time, the rumors are circling Madison Square Garden. Just two years ago, New York Knicks’ fans had their hearts broken after Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant went to the Brooklyn Nets. Furthermore, they only receieved the third overall pick in the 2019 draft. The dreams of seeing Durant, Irving, and Zion Williamson in their starting lineup were quickly dashed. While New York cannot do much about their lottery luck, their play this year is turning the heads of upcoming free agents.

NBA Rumors: The New York Knicks Are a Free Agent for Stars Again

Where the New York Knicks Stand

According to Marc Stein of The New York Times, the Knicks’ rise to the fourth seed in the conference has “helped restore their reputation to the point that star players are finally prepared to consider them a destination franchise again.” If this is the case, New York has options. As of right now, the Knicks have the most cap space in the league. A valuable commodity that most teams do not possess. And since stars want to be in New York according to NBA Rumors, they can put that space to use. The Knicks have three of the most vital components for trading: cap space, draft assets, and young, talented prospects. The main variable is whether or not the Knicks make a move with a player in the 2021 free agency class. Or, they could pass on this free agency and opt to make a trade for a bigger star.

What Lies Ahead for the Knicks?

The 2021 NBA Free Agency Class is highly underrated, however, there is not a lot of star power in this year’s class. Kawhi Leonard remains the sole superstar of the class and there are few all-stars beyond that. However, the Knicks could look to bolster their current roster for next year. New York has the option to seek out short-term deals with the likes of Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul, or DeMar DeRozan. The Knicks have the option of utilizing this type of bridge deal to wait for better free-agent classes.

Aside from free agency, New York could choose to make a trade instead, or in addition to free-agent acquisitions. There are good players in this class. However, it is unlikely that the Knicks walk away with the grand prize of Leonard. If New York wants a player better than what is available in free agency, they have phenomenal trade assets. With future picks and players like Obi Toppin and/or Mitchell Robinson available for trades, the Knicks could pull off a great deal. Not to mention, New York’s cap space is the envy of the league. Taking on a team’s excess on top of sending out assets may have the Knicks looking like contenders soon.

A Note of Caution Among NBA Rumors

New York must be smart here. If James Dolan, Leon Rose, and Scott Perry rush a deal, things could go wrong very quickly. Knick fans are experiencing hope and optimism for the first time in a long time. So, if Dolan can continue to stay out of the way as he’s done this season, the Knicks will do what needs to be done. With that being said, New York is a good team for the first time in a while. They would not be faulted for choosing to stick with this squad. However, if the stars of the league want to join the team, you hear them out. As long as the front office is smart and patient, and the NBA rumors are true, we may have a new era of Knicks basketball.

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