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Don’t Sleep on James Wiseman

James Wiseman was the second pick in the 2020 NBA Draft making him the newest member of the Golden State Warriors. Wiseman may be under-the-radar since he only played a few games with the Memphis Tigers due to ridiculous NCAA rules. However, he fell into the most ideal spot of any rookie and is poised for a big year.

Don’t Sleep on James Wiseman

Golden State Warriors Outlook

The Warriors were predicted to return to title contention after having the worst record in the NBA last year. However, the loss of Klay Thompson due to a torn Achilles really changed things. Are they as likely to win an NBA Championship right now as they were with Thompson? No. Should they be written off entirely? Also no.

The Warriors play in the loaded Western Conference which means making the playoffs is a feat in itself. However, they have the greatest shooter of all-time in Stephen Curry and still have Draymond Green and Steve Kerr to assist in their quest. If Curry and Green can stay healthy, they should be a playoff team.

The addition of Kelly Oubre will also alleviate some of the issues caused by the loss of Thompson.

However, the main reason why the Warriors should feel they are still in a position to contend in the West is Wiseman.

James Wiseman Saves the Day

Wiseman only played three games for Memphis but he looked great doing so. He averaged 19.7 points and 10.7 rebounds per game in just 23 minutes of action. He is what is known as a unicorn in today’s league. Wiseman is a seven-footer with ridiculous athleticism and guard-like skills.

So, how exactly does he save the Warriors? Well, for the entirety of the Curry, Thompson, Green run, the Warriors have been in search of a center that matched their style. Andrew Bogut was that for a bit but he aged out of that role quickly. Wiseman is the center that Bob Myers and Warriors brass would have designed in an NBA2K player creation.

Wiseman’s athleticism means that he will be able to push the pace and get out and run, putting a ton of pressure on the defense. That is tough for any team to defend. However, when you add the greatest shooter ever running with him, it is impossible to defend.

Wiseman’s ball-handling and playmaking ability were underrated at Memphis. We did not get to see a ton of what he could do for others because of limited opportunities and a poor offensive system. However, he will do very well with the ball in his hands on this team.

Wiseman’s defense is what will set him apart. He is a fantastic rim protector. Wiseman averaged three blocks per game at Memphis and did it easily. He has very quick feet and ridiculous length, which makes him a true problem. The Warriors had most of their success when they could switch everything defensively and fly around. They can do that again, with a monster in the paint.

James Wiseman Predictions

Everyone is quick to mention LaMelo Ball and Anthony Edwards, along with people like Obi Toppin as names to watch this year. Wiseman was the most talented player in the draft and he landed in the most ideal situation. He has as good a chance as anyone to win the Rookie of the Year Award, but also enjoy the most team success.

It is not unrealistic to say Wiseman should easily average a double-double this year, given the proper opportunity. A stat line like 12 points and 10 rebounds per game with a few blocks is very likely. Even if he does not win any individual awards, the point is, the Warriors crushed it in the draft by taking Wiseman. He is a perfect fit for everything they want to do and will help prolong Curry and Green’s primes. Pay attention to him this year.

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