Dallas Mavericks: Trade Ideas for a Third Star

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The Dallas Mavericks have all the makings to be the team of the NBA’s future. Luka Doncic is already an MVP candidate at 21-years-old. Kristaps Porzingis is one of the top big men in the league, and just 25-years-old. They also hold claim to great role players in Dorian Finney-SmithSeth Curry, and Maxi Kleber. With that being said, they’ll have decisions to make this offseason. Tim Hardaway Jr., the team’s third-leading scorer last season, is a free agent with a player option. The Mavericks can choose to roster a similar team and be a playoff lock or look to acquire a third star to become a legitimate contender.

Trade Ideas for the Dallas Mavericks to Land a Third Star

Trade 1: Jrue Holiday Solidifies the Dallas Mavericks Back Court

The trade: The Mavericks acquire Jrue Holiday from the New Orleans Pelicans for Kleber, Jalen BrunsonDelon Wright, and Justin Jackson.

This trade likely means that the Mavericks will not retain Hardaway Jr. Holiday, however, is a massive upgrade, especially defensively. He’s one of the best perimeter defenders the league has to offer, a very underrated distributor and scorer, and still a very reliable shooter. Holiday, paired with Lonzo Ball in New Orleans, also showed the talent and willingness to play off the ball. This is clearly important for Dallas, as Doncic will be the main ball handler.

The Mavericks’ lethal offense wouldn’t miss a beat with Holiday, and he will greatly improve the defense. This move will be seen as worth it if the Mavericks are willing to gut some of their depth.

Kleber would be a major asset for the Pelicans, especially with Derrick Favors being a free-agent. He’s a tough defensive presence, and both a solid rim-runner and shooter for his size.

Brunson is a fantastic sixth-man and could start at point guard for many teams across the league. His arrival improves the Pelicans’ bench and allows them to fully focus on Ball as a starter. Wright adds depth to the guard position as well and is also a talented defender. Lastly, Jackson is no more than a rotation player, but he’s still young and a solid shooter.

Trade 2: Bradley Beal Leads the Mavericks to Another Historic Offense

The trade: The Mavericks acquire Bradley Beal and Isaac Bonga from the Washington Wizards for Hardaway Jr., Kleber, Brunson, and their first and second-round picks this year.

This trade seems unlikely for two reasons. Beal should carry more value for this, and it’s contingent on Hardaway Jr. picking up his player option knowing he might get traded. With that being said, the Wizards are not contenders and may want to hit the reset button, and the Mavericks have a tendency to pull-off unlikely trades (see Porzingis.)

Beal is one of the best pure scorers in the league, and he can do it in so many ways. His shooting is off the charts, and should only get better with the open looks he’d have alongside Doncic. Furthermore, rotating Beal and Curry gives the Mavericks a shooting advantage over most teams. Bonga is a nice addition to have as a young player that still has some untapped potential. All in all, Beal instantly makes the Mavericks a legitimate contender.

The Wizards, on the other hand, still get a talented scorer in Hardaway Jr. to pair with a healthy John Wall. Kleber should become their starting power forward, assuming Davis Bertans does not re-sign. Brunson is still improving and is inching his way to becoming an NBA starter. Having Wall around may only make him better. Lastly, the Wizards would get the 18th and 31st overall picks in this year’s draft, which will carry solid value.

Trade 3: Josh Richardson, Matisse Thybulle Give the Dallas Mavericks Shooting and Defense

The Trade: The Mavericks acquire Josh Richardson and Matisse Thybulle from the Philadelphia 76ers for Curry, Jackson, and the 18th overall pick.

It seems likely that Daryl Morey will do his best to shake up the 76ers roster.

Richardson is a solid two-way guard for the Mavericks who will be a great replacement for Hardaway Jr. should he depart. He’s a talented defender and should score between 14-17 points per game with Doncic. He’s not an actual “third star,” but a very good fit on this roster. Thybulle would be a greatly welcomed addition, as he’s a fantastic perimeter defender and can shoot. He has all the makings of a top-tier “three-and-d” guard in the future.

The 76ers will get Curry, who’s one of the best shooters in the league. Based on Morey’s past, this is exactly the kind of player he’ll want. It also alleviates the 76ers’ awful shooting woes from last season. Philadelphia also desperately needs more bench help, and Jackson provides that with a touch of shooting. The 18th big will also leave them with a wealth of solid options, from more “three-and-d” players to potential back-up big men.

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