NBA Rumors: Complete Roster Overhaul Possible for Washington Wizards


The Washington Wizards are officially in a transition phase. Washington recently hired former Los Angeles Clippers general manager Michael Winger as team president of Monumental Basketball. Winger has been tasked with reshuffling the way that the Wizards operate. Specifically, he will be tasked with crafting an identity and setting a fresh direction for the team, […] READ MORE

Who’s the Next Available Star?


It seems as if every year a new big star hits the trade market. This star tends to be in a smaller market and is unhappy with the team’s success. Either that or the team itself hopes to do a complete reset and wants to get rid of their star. With a new season approaching […] READ MORE

The Washington Wizards Have Quietly Built a Solid Team


The Washington Wizards have been stuck in medicority for quite some time now. The John Wall and Bradley Beal duo struck excitement for a while, but afterwards it’s been downhill. Other experiments such as Russell Westbrook and Spencer Dinwiddie, although exciting on paper, didn’t last long. Beal is still around and signed a major extension, and the Wizards have quietly built a […] READ MORE

Bradley Beal Re-Signs with the Washington Wizards


Bradley Beal re-signed with the Washington Wizards on Thursday. The two sides agreed to a five-year contract worth $251 million, or $50 million per season. This contract ties him down through the 2027 season. Bradley Beal Re-Signs with the Washington Wizards Beal has played entirely for the Wizards during his 10-year NBA career. He has […] READ MORE

Three Landing Spots For Bradley Beal

Washington Wizards’ star shooting guard Bradley Beal is a possible impending free agent, provided he declines his player option for this upcoming season. It has been reported that he is going to opt-out, but it seemed like news to him. I think he opts out either way. There have been trade rumors involving swirling for […] READ MORE

A Quick Guide to NBA Free Agency


Got ten minutes? Read our primer on the upcoming NBA free agency period starting June 30th at 6:00 PM Eastern. This list includes free-agent fits for teams destined for the lottery as well as the NBA Finals. Please note that not all of these players will become free agents this offseason. A “TO” by a […] READ MORE

Realistic Bradley Beal Trade Destinations

Bradley Beal is a player that has been in trade rumors for years. Washington has seen a lack of success, making the playoffs twice in the last five years. In the past, Beal has shut down trade rumors almost immediately. As of late, the rumors are sparking once again with Beal’s uncertainty towards the end […] READ MORE

Six Names to Watch Before the 2021-2022 Trade Deadline


With last year being one of the busiest in league history, this year’s NBA trade deadline could be one of the most eventful in recent history. Many players with star potential and team-altering capabilities could be on the move. Every year we hear rumors of the next star to demand a trade, but this year […] READ MORE

Three Bradley Beal Trade Ideas


It’s looking as likely as ever before that Bradley Beal gets dealt away from the Washington Wizards. Beal’s been playing at a superstar level for quite some time now, although the Wizards have failed to adequately build around him. At 28-years-old, and in the middle of his prime, it may be time for Beal to […] READ MORE