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NCAA Tournament Canceled

It’s official: The NCAA tournament is canceled. The NCAA has announced that the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments are canceled. They will also be canceling all remaining winter and spring championship tournaments.

NCAA Championship Tournaments Cancelled

NCAA President Mark Emmert along with the Board of Governors made the decision just moments ago. Because of the looming coronavirus pandemic, the NCAA is taking the most precautionary measures possible. Many people didn’t expect this to happen so quickly. Although the NBA decided to suspend their season last night, along with the MLB and NHL today, people didn’t expect the NCAA to cancel. Most people expected the NCAA to delay the tournament until the pandemic was under control. There are reports that high-profile coaches were in agreeance on suspending the tournament. But amidst this global crisis, the NCAA had different plans.

The Athletic’s Shams Charania tweeted just moments ago.

It’s interesting to see how the players will react to this. Of course, no one will be happy that the tournament is canceled. Players across the country look forward to these moments all year. But for the players that are seniors, and the players that won’t ever play another sport at this high of a level, this has to hurt. The amount of preparation that all players have been putting in to get to this moment is officially over.

It’s important to note that the Duke Blue Devils withdrew from the March Madness team pool a few hours before the news of the cancellation released.

The Impact

Most people expected a delay because that’s what every professional sports league is doing. The Kansas Jayhawks suspended their sports teams, assuming that they would resume sports participation once the pandemic was under control. But the NCAA had a different plan. This is the first year in many years where March won’t be an exciting month for basketball. No NBA, no March Madness. All players will be affected by this, as their hard work and preparation come to an abrupt ending. And the seniors are sure to be devastated, as they will never have a proper ending to their collegiate experience. Fans around the world can’t believe that the NCAA tournament is canceled.

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