D’Angelo Russell To Minnesota Timberwolves and More Trade Rumors

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The NBA trade deadline is just a couple of weeks away. There have been some minor moves that have happened to date. Jordan Clarkson was sent to the Utah Jazz and Jeff Teague was just traded back to the Atlanta Hawks. By no means are those trades blockbuster deals. In the playoff picture, there are too many teams. The teams are more equilibrated. Most teams will sit still if their team feels that they can move towards the playoffs and, because of this issue, there will be more buyers than sellers.

Minnesota Timberwolves Trying to Trade for D’Angelo Russell

The Minnesota Timberwolves were rumored to be interested in D’Angelo Russell when he hit the free-agent market this past summer. He had the interest to play with Andrew Wiggins and Karl-Anthony Towns but he was put into a sign-and-trade scenario when Kevin Durant signed with the Brooklyn Nets. 

Now there are rumors of the Timberwolves wanting to acquire Russell’s services. It could work out for both teams involved. Towns does not seem to be on the way out. Wiggins seems to be the odd man out. The Golden State Warriors could use the services of Wiggins. They could add length next to Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson when they are healthy.

Three Team Blockbuster Trade Involving Playoff Contenders

There are some glaring needs on two teams that are pushing for the playoffs this season. The Detroit Pistons are one of those teams that are on the outside of the playoffs and do not look like they will make the playoffs in the east, especially with Blake Griffin out for the season. Therefore, they should look to move Andre Drummond to the Boston Celtics.

The Celtics are needing some help down around the rim, but they are great on the perimeter. Drummond would be a great addition to the team. He would help Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown by protecting the rim. Gordon Hayward would be the odd player out in this scenario. The Dallas Mavericks would be the perfect destination for his services.

The Dallas Mavericks are one of the surprises of the season. Luka Doncic has been playing like an MVP player. The Mavericks have needed that play to win some of their games. Hayward would be a great compliment for Doncic. They could form a great three-some with Kristaps Porzingis. The Mavericks could unload some expiring contracts and maybe a pick to send to the Pistons.

Other News

Robert Covington of the Timberwolves has been in discussions to be traded. There are many different teams that could use his services. The Miami Heat or Philadelphia 76ers are two teams that are the most likely destinations.

If Drummond is moved, do not be surprised if Derrick Rose is traded after that. Both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Milwaukee Bucks are teams that would benefit from Rose coming off the bench.

With the Warriors struggling, Alec Burks has emerged as a possible trade candidate after a good start to the year. He is on an expiring one-year deal.

The Sacramento Kings, Washington Wizards, and Cleveland Cavaliers are all teams that should be sellers this trade season. Look for some trades from each team.


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