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New Orleans Pelicans Rebuild

The New Orleans Pelicans rebuild from the young stars will set the tone for the team’s success in the future. Sitting at 4-9 overall, the Pelicans are in a rebuild with their veterans and the rookies. The team has been injury-prone early on this season though. Zion Williamson is out for a while. The rookie sensation from Duke has become the main storyline of New Orleans’ season. But, patience is key for this team even though the injuries and rebuild.

New Orleans Pelicans’ Young Stars Will Succeed

When the Pelicans traded Anthony Davis to the Los Angeles Lakers, it became the end of an era. Davis became a beloved star in the Crescent City. Now, it’s up to Zion Williamson and the veterans like Lonzo Ball and Brandon Ingram to make the city believe in the team again. A rebuild can often take years to take full effect. Ingram returned to the lineup on Tuesday against the Portland Trail Blazers. Getting him involved back into the rotation could bring instant success to the team. But, the young stars in New Orleans are more than eager to win now. After years of not making the playoffs, it’s time for the Pelicans to rise in the Crescent City and show the NBA what their young core is made of.

Trials and Tribulations

That said, when Williamson does come back from his injury, New Orleans fans will have something to look forward to. Although the Pelicans aren’t off to a great start, the future is surely bright. Producing great talent takes time, and the front office has to be patient with what they have.

If anyone thought Zion Williamson would come in and immediately lead the Pelicans to the playoffs, that’s blasphemous talk. New Orleans might not be destined for a pivotal playoff run this season. However, in the coming years, the spotlight could be on them. Building up a foundation for the future takes patience, and both the front office and the fans have to be patient with this team. This rebuild will take time. But for the young stars, they can have all the patience they need. All they need to do is play their style of basketball and make this city believe in the future.

New Orleans Pelicans Rebuild: Satisfactory Season?

This New Orleans team certainly has a roster full of talent that can bring in monumental success. Yet again, the rookies and young players are going to be the main focus of this franchise moving forward. Players like Zion Williamson and Jaxson Hayes will make the Pelicans into a contender in the near future.

If this team can avoid the injuries and the miscues, they can sustain success, even this season. Maybe not a playoff berth, but a potential 30-35 win season would be a start, right? Certainly getting to the 30-win mark would be a clear positive for this rebuilding franchise. But, with the talent that is there, would that be satisfying enough? Though the process will take time, the Pelicans have to take it slowly and work out the kinks for this to be a steady and easy climb on their way to being a true contender in the future. The New Orleans Pelicans’ rebuild will help to better shape this franchise for their future success as they seek to become a true Western Conference contender.

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